L.A. Gang Godfather Concludes Filming

LOS ANGELES, April 7, 1999 (PRIMEZONE) -- Outwest Entertainment, Inc. (OTC BB: OUTW), in conjunction with Raso Entertainment, filmed the final scenes of the feature film, L. A. Gang Godfather, on location in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 3. The grand finale features a lowrider shoot out.

Directed by Rod Scott, L. A. Gang Godfather addresses the behind the scenes look at the controversial rise and fall of Rick Ross and his Freeway Boys, a group of young men who inadvertently funded the Contra Rebels in Nicaragua by selling millions of dollars worth of cocaine in the streets of Los Angeles. "Freeway" Rick gained immediate and international media recognition when he drew attention to the CIA's alleged involvement with undermining the Black community with crack cocaine. Ross believes that the Nicaraguans supplied drugs on behalf of the CIA's contra army. The media fury surrounding the real life story of "Freeway" Ross has ignited the Black community around the nation.

The urban drama stars Glen Pummer (South Central Speed II) as the notorious Ricky Ross. He is joined by Dwayne Adway ("The Dennis Rodman Story") and Crystal Scales, who portrays Rick's love interest, Veronica. Hip hop's hottest, D. J. Quick, orchestrates the soundtrack for the film. Other cast members include Mikki Blair, A. J. Johnson, Tiny Lister and Hill Harper. Shooting took place throughout South Central Los Angeles. Rod Scott's first independent release,: Hoover Park, was also shot throughout South Central.

"L. A. Gang Godfather could well be one of the most important films of the decade. It is much bigger than just another urban gang film when you realize that the CIA was actually involved in a conspiracy with another government to finance a war, with drug money from South Central L. A. sold by the guys in my story," explained Ross

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Outwest's first soundtrack release, "Shattered Image," from the film starring William Baldwin and Annie Parillaud, has been released, with four additional film soundtracks currently being distributed.

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