Sonic Systems Announces New Prototypes for Vehicle Safety

SEATTLE, June 16, 1999 (PRIMEZONE) -- Sonic Systems Corporation of Delaware (NASDAQ: ZSON) announced today that it has completed its initial development work for "In Vehicle Siren Detectors." Several prototypes have recently been produced.

These new devices are based on the company's patented siren detection technology and have formed the basis for discussion with a number of leading car makers for evaluating the technology for inclusion in their vehicles as a standard safety feature. With such a device installed, a car and driver can "sense" the proximity of a siren equipped vehicle and an early alert can be issued so the driver can pull over safely.

Even though standard sirens are as loud and effective as they can be, today's ultra quiet cars make them hard to hear. Studies show that approximately 70% of all cars manufactured since 1970 are too quiet for drivers to hear sirens in a timely manner. Cell phones and CD usage increase the problem.

Costly accidents involving startled drivers and needless delay for fire, ambulance, and police vehicles providing critical services are a result of people hearing a siren too late or not at all. A siren detector inside the vehicle provides a simple and low cost solution to the problem. "In Vehicle Siren Detection should be as standard as an airbag," says Bill Brogdon, CEO of Sonic Systems.

The auto industry has indicated it could only be interested in such a device if it can work everywhere in the world without requiring any changes to the thousands of emergency and enforcement vehicles already in service. Acoustic detection of a siren is the way to achieve such a level of universal performance. Sonic Systems believes its siren detection technology will allow for detection of the various siren sounds used around the world. The company believes it is in a unique position to serve the vehicle industry. With new vehicle sales approaching 50 million units per year worldwide, the size of the market for Sonic's low cost solution is substantial.

Sonic Systems Corporation of Delaware is a multi-faceted provider of technology to the Computing, Communications, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) industries in support of information movement and management applications.


Note: Sonic Systems, a Delaware corporation with offices in Seattle, Washington, is in no way affiliated with Sonic Systems, Inc., a California corporation with headquarters in Santa Clara, California, which provides Internet security solutions.


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