IMSCO Technologies Announces Issuance for On-Demand Continuous Decaffeination of Coffee

NEW YORK, July 16, 1999 (PRIMEZONE) -- IMSCO Technologies (NASDAQ: IMSO) announces that it has received a key patent for its proprietary decaffeination technology. The company has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 5,914,021, which describes a decaffeination filter basket which uses the ionic properties of the caffeine molecule to separate caffeine from coffee as it is being brewed. The decaffeinator (separators) and elements are replaceable and can be changed between brew cycles.

IMSCO's separation technology decaffeinates coffee while it is being brewed. Ground coffee beans are placed in the basket of a drip style coffee maker and the brewed coffee emerges decaffeinated. The IMSCO decaffeinator will be available for home or commercial use. Coffee brewed from any coffee bean can be decaffeinated retaining the flavor of the original bean. Drinkers of "decaf" coffee can finally explore the wide range of flowers and tastes that have long been exclusive to "regular" coffee drinkers. The company believes that households, restaurants, hotels, fast food chains, offices etc. will no longer have to maintain perishable stocks of decaffeinated coffee beans along with their regular coffee, which they can decaffeinate on-demand.

A key patent is also pending for IMSCO's replaceable decaffeinating disc, which the company believes will provide substantial aftermarket sales.

IMSCO has developed several applications based on its proprietary separation technology and is in the process of licensing its product and technology.


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