Vision Announces the Completion of Predict It's Next Generation Online Prediction Platform

VISION Enables Predict It Users Increased Functionality and Revenue Potential

VISION Enables Predict It Users Increased Functionality and Revenue Potential

NEW YORK, Feb. 3, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) -- VISION, an international Web integrator, and Predict It Inc., (OTCBB:PRIT), the leading distributor of user-generated predictive content on the Internet, announced the completion of Predict It's proprietary prediction system. Working closely with Predict It, VISION re-designed and integrated the site's next generation platform. The new system is the basis for expanding the site's content offerings to include political, entertainment and stock predictions. VISION has also announced that it has taken an equity investment in Predict It.

In partnership with Predict It, VISION created a centralized database based on ATG Dynamo and Oracle software. VISION was able to successfully migrate and expand Predict It's Web content to offer users greater earnings potential by providing deeper search capabilities and greater access to information, helping them make more accurate predictions.

"We were looking to enhance our site's service offerings and functionality," said Andy Merkatz, president of Predict It. "VISION tailored its design and implementation services to meet our technological needs. The end result is a truly expanded and optimized user experience. Predict It users will be able to enjoy a greater variety of options, comprehensive research resources and increased revenue potential."

"Our expertise in building e-businesses allowed us to design and implement a truly customized prediction platform. This new system efficiently and accurately maintains and tracks user forecasts and rankings of Predict It's expanding customer base," added John Crowley, president of VISION U.S. Operations. "We were able to provide Predict It with an online capability which allows them to better service their users and lead the expanding online prediction sector."

Predict It, Inc. is the leading developer and distributor of user-generated predictive content on the Internet. The innovative patent-pending prediction exchange system objectively measures, identifies, and ranks users ("analysts") based on their prediction performance in event categories such as sports, finance, politics, and entertainment. The Predict It system then compensates its ``analysts'' when other users seek out their predictions. Consumers may access Predict It directly via its web site at or through its large network of sports, finance, news, portal, and community content sites. Predict It is based in New York's Silicon Alley.

VISION Consulting has an international reputation for resolving complex challenges in the business process and IT systems. Its New York office helps American firms realize greater ROI by establishing a Web presence that incorporates localization and globalization strategies. The company works with its banking, insurance, utilities, manufacturing & distribution and media & entertainment clients in designing and integrating IT systems into the daily functions of business. VISION'S core competencies allow it to design tools that enable people to more effectively coordinate their work, immediately address clients' Web business issues and to help businesses assess the productivity of their Web presence.

Established in Dublin in 1984, VISION has more than 350 consultants in the U.K. and Ireland. Its North American headquarters is located in New York City. Clients include, Dime Savings Bank of New York, Bank of Ireland, Halifax and Predict It.


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