AARO Announces Key Advantage in Personnel and Resources for Fixed Wireless Deployment

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., May 3, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) -- AARO Broadband Wireless Communications, Inc. (OTC:AARO) today unveiled the resources and personnel who will allow the new technology company to deploy its fixed wireless broadband communications network.

AARO Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Mike Erhart introduced his technology team of nearly 20 network engineers, programmers and wireless solution providers. Leading the team, Erhart said, are four key individuals with more than 30 years combined experience in the telecommunications industry and the depth of knowledge necessary to accomplish AARO's goal of providing high-speed wireless Internet access in 30 cities over the next 12 months. They include:

 --  Dennis Byford - (Eight years experience) Byford is a Microsoft
     Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE); a Cisco Certified Network
     Professional (CCNP); and a Cisco Certified Design Professional
     (CCDP).  Byford is a veteran network design and implementation
     expert for wide area networks.
 --  Scott Dewitt - (Seven years experience) Dewitt is a Cisco
     Certified Network Associate (CCNA) whose specialty is UNIX
     administration as well as network systems configuration,
     programming and administration.  Dewitt worked as Systems
     Administrator at Connect Oklahoma and Lifeline Communications
     and was Senior Networking Engineer for Logix Communications.
 --  Carlos Sanchez - (13 years experience) Sanchez brings experience
     in engineering and deploying ATM, frame relay and wide area
     networks to the AARO team.  He was recently with Logix
     Communications and holds a CCNA certification.
 --  Paul Swales - (Seven years experience) Swales is certified to
     operate wireless systems designed by Aeronet, a provider of 
     high-speed wireless local area and wide area network solutions.
     Additionally, Swales was one of five wireless data specialists
     with Voice Stream Wireless.

AARO has also developed an aggressive sales force that will give the company a competitive edge, including: Allen Brown, eight years at Sun Microsystems; Duane Blass, 12 years at Southwest PCS and AT&T Wireless; and Brett Jackson, 12 years at AT&T Wireless.

AARO will provide its fixed wireless Internet access and applications solutions via a carrier-class fiber optic backbone. This network is designed in such a way that even if a fiber optic cable were cut, service to AARO's clients would remain uninterrupted. According to Erhart, the agreement between AARO and the national fiber provider includes possible co-location of resources in many of the areas AARO intends to service.

According to Erhart, this highly skilled team along with the fiber optic resources, gives the company an advantage over the various competitors struggling to enter the fixed wireless market.

"The agreement (fiber optic contract) will provide AARO with wholesale pricing on long distance services, as well as bandwidth for video conferencing services, Internet connectivity and other broadband telecommunications services," he said.

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AARO Broadband Wireless Communications, Inc. provides wireless connectivity up to 100 MBps. AARO New World services such as unified communications, IP telephony and videoconferencing services are delivered via a highly secure, carrier-class IP network.

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