Ibbotson's New SalesBuilder Presentation Lends a Hand to Growing Demand For Variable Annuities

New Topical Presentation Provides Financial Reps With the Facts Needed to Explain the Benefits of Variable Annuities and How They Fit Into a Long-Term Investment Strategy

CHICAGO, April 18, 2001 (PRIMEZONE) --Ibbotson Associates, the leading provider of investment tools and knowledge, today released "Variable Annuity Investing" -- the newest in a presentation series highlighting important investment topics. The SalesBuilder presentation series is a collection of PowerPoint(r) presentations and charts designed to help financial planners explain different investment strategies and present the risks and rewards associated with various investment options.

"The popularity of variable annuities has been soaring, but it's a relatively complicated product. We designed this annuity presentation to help financial representatives explain the attractiveness of this retirement savings option," said Mark Kowalczyk, managing director of sales and marketing. "This presentation addresses the complexity and suitability of variable annuities. Using this product, broker-dealers will be able to communicate the benefits of variable annuity investing easily, with graphics, supporting data and a compelling story. This product is also ideal for VA wholesalers to provide to their clients."

The new presentation includes 15 Microsoft(r) PowerPoint(r) images that show the unique characteristics of variable annuities such as the benefits of deferring taxes, beneficiary protection, annuitization and payout options providing guaranteed income for life. Moreover, not only is it an effective marketing tool, but the presentation can also be used to educate and train staff members. The images also demonstrate retirement trends, inflation-adjusted and tax-adjusted annual returns of different investment strategies and the advantages of asset allocation. Like Ibbotson's other presentation tools, "Variable Annuity Investing" is NASD-reviewed. The presentation can be downloaded from Ibbotson's web site at www.ibbotson.com.

Ibbotson Associates

Ibbotson Associates, founded by Professor Roger Ibbotson in 1977, is a leading authority on asset allocation, providing products and services to help investment professionals make the best asset allocation decisions for their clients.

The company's business lines include consulting and research; investment forecasting, planning and analysis software; educational services ranging from on-site workshops to computer based training; and a widely used line of presentation materials designed to educate clients on asset allocation concepts and investment principles. With offices in Chicago and New York, Ibbotson Associates fills a growing need in the finance and investment industry for an independent, single source provider of investment knowledge, practical application expertise, leading-edge technology, educational services and sales presentation tools. Ibbotson markets its integrated product line of investment analytical tools and services to institutional money managers, plan sponsors, and consultants for quantitative analysis, high level decision making and presentations. The company's clients also include financial planners, brokers, mutual fund firms, private bankers and small money managers.



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