Polytronics Refutes Littelfuse's Allegation about its Taiwan Patent


HSIN-CHU, Taiwan, May 15, 2001 (PRIMEZONE) -- Polytronics Technology Corporation, responding to Littelfuse's (Nasdaq:LFUS) allegations, announced that the Intellectual Property Office ("IPO") of the ROC Ministry of Economic Affairs officially approved and publicized Polytronics' ROC Patent in December 2000. Moreover, Polytronics has obtained counterpart patents in Japan, Germany and France, and a U.S. counterpart application is presently in process. Polytronics will therefore take all necessary actions to counter any challenge.

Littelfuse claimed, in its May 11 press release, that it had opposed Polytronics' application for a patent regarding its surface mounted PPTC products, and it was unaware of any patent actually issued to Polytronics. Contrary to Littelfuse's statement, the ROC Intellectual Property Office ("IPO") has officially approved and publicized the Patent Publication No. 415624, to Polytronics on December 10, 2000. When it is approved after a "substantive review" process by IPO, each patent takes effect immediately upon the date of publication, which will not be delayed or stalled by any pending opposition.

As previously announced, the SMD1812 Series of PPTC products manufactured and sold by Littelfuse and its Taiwanese subsidiary (Littelfuse S&L, Inc.) infringe on Polytronics' said Patent, which was confirmed by a professional institute jointly certified by the ROC Judicial Yuan and Executive Yuan. The Taiwan court has issued a preliminary injunction enjoining Littelfuse and its Taiwanese subsidiary from manufacturing, selling, importing, exporting or otherwise marketing those infringing products. Polytronics will continue to pursue other redress for violations of its legal rights.

Polytronics is located in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park, and is the first PTC manufacturer in Taiwan to perform R&D, product design and mass production on an integrated basis. With a commitment and devotion to technological innovations, Polytronics is emerging in an environment teeming with competition from various large-size multinationals. Due to its prominence in the areas of low power consumption, resettability, reliability and cost efficiency, Polytronics' products have been widely accepted by the industry.


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