Parthus Technologies Accelerates the Use of Java Technology in Next-Generation Wireless Devices Through Licensing Agreement with Sun Microsystems

DUBLIN, Ireland, Sept. 4, 2001 (PRIMEZONE) -- Parthus Technologies plc (Nasdaq:PRTH) (LSE:PRH), a leading provider of platform level intellectual property (IP), today announced a licensing agreement with Sun Microsystems for the joint development and deployment of Java(TM) technologies, targeting wireless devices based on the Parthus MachStream platform. This initiative will allow major electronics developers and manufacturers to deliver Java technology-based multimedia wireless devices with "PC-like" levels of performance and extended battery life.

Under the terms of the agreement:

Sun Microsystems has certified the Parthus MachStream acceleration technology for use in Java technology-based platforms by wireless device developers and manufacturers.

Provision is made for early access by wireless device developers to Sun technology for development of upgrades to MachStream.

Licensing of Sun's reference implementation, and alignment with Sun's roadmap for security encryption (SSL, HTTPS) under the J2ME-MIDP specification.

Java technology, with its, 'write once, run anywhere', capability is recognized as a core technology for next generation mobile Internet. Java technology-based phones are already available in Japan and Nokia recently forecast that they will ship over 100 million Java technology-enabled phones by 2003 resulting in a common software standard for a myriad of wireless applications.

Java technology provides the benefit of being hardware/processor agnostic. Combining Java technology with MachStream for mobile devices moves processor intensive software tasks into a high performance low power silicon accelerator targeted at any type of RISC or DSP processor,) resulting in dramatic performance and power efficiency improvements. A recent benchmark study by the Microprocessor Report noted that the Parthus MachStream Platform delivers superior processing and power performance over principal competing approaches.

"Parthus Technologies is approaching applications acceleration with a comprehensive platform for OEM and device manufacturers. Parthus" unique approach delivers some of the best Java technology performance for wireless devices and exemplifies the "write once, run anywhere" Java vision," said Rich Green, vice president and general manager, Java and XML Software for Sun Microsystems, Inc. "With proven J2ME technology, Parthus can deliver targeted solutions to enrich the user experience."

MachStream is unique technology as it accelerates the entire suite of wireless applications including Java technology, wireless media processing and emerging applications based on the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition(TM) (J2ME(TM))-MIDP platform such as multimedia, security encryption, web browsing (XML, XHTML) and interactive games. In relation to gaming alone, the Strategy Analytics Report (April 2001) maintains that there will be 100 million mobile game users worldwide by 2006 and that the gaming market alone will be worth $5B per year.

"We see Java as a fundamental technology for the next generation mobile Internet economy and we are delighted to be collaborating with Sun to deliver the industry's best Java platform to deliver on this promise," said Brian Long, chief executive officer of Parthus. "Our customers and partners are hugely excited by the prospect of accelerating Java technology, multimedia, security, gaming and web browsing through one common power efficient platform and thereby opening the capability for a wide array of new wireless delivered applications."

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