New Top Management Unit 4 Agresso NV

OSLO, Norway, Sept. 5, 2001 (PRIMEZONE) -- After the merger between the Dutch Unit 4 and Agresso Group ASA (OSE:AGR) in December 2000, changes have been made in the organization. Unit 4 Agresso NV is now primarily focusing up on Business Software and Internet & Security.

For the Business Software division a board has been set up consisting of the most experienced leaders in the Agresso and Unit 4 communities; Chris Ouwinga (CEO), Jos Andeweg (BeNeLux), John Croocks (UK) and Stig Kjonstad (Nordic). Harry de Smedt (CEO and Peter Glissenaar (BeNeLux) are responsible for running the division of Internet & Security.

Nordic Target Markets

Stig Kjonstad, former Managing Director of the Swedish subsidiary, Agresso AB, is now responsible for the Nordic part of the organization, and the Norwegian and Swedish country units will report to him, including Agresso R&D (Research & Development). The center of Agresso R&D is located in Oslo, and the Development Director, Herbert Van Zyl, is responsible for all development within the division of Business Software.

Within the Nordic region the intention is to exploit possible synergies, as well as organize establishments in the remaining Nordic countries.

From the 1st of September Torkel Hallander is appointed as Country Manager for Sweden. Helge Strypet is continuing as Managing Director for the Norwegian office, Agresso AS.

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 -- Stig Kjonstad
 -- Helge Strypet
 -- Torkel Hallander

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Unit 4 Agresso Group NV, headquartered in the Netherlands and listed on both the Dutch and Norwegian Stock Exchanges, employs over 1,350 professionals and staff. The Unit 4 Agresso Group is an international developer and distributor of integrated business information and management systems and security solutions providing secure e-business solutions to its customers. Office locations are in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Germany. Services are provided for its customer base worldwide via distributors in the United States, Canada, Italy, Iceland and Spain.


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