Caliper Technologies Conference Call Notice

Webcast Available at

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26, 2001 (PRIMEZONE) -- Caliper Technologies Corp. (Nasdaq:CALP) will webcast a conference call with the investment community to discuss a new corporate initiative live on StreetFusion, the online network for financial events. The live webcast will begin at 10:30 AM ET (7:30 AM PT) on Thursday, September 27, 2001.

A news release discussing Caliper's new corporate initiative will be issued Thursday, September 27, at 5 AM ET (2 AM PT).

This free webcast can be accessed on the StreetFusion website at and on the Caliper website at An on-demand webcast of the call will be available until 8 PM ET on May 7, 2001.

About Caliper

Caliper Technologies Corp. is a leader in lab-on-a-chip technology. Caliper designs, manufactures and commercializes LabChip devices and systems that enable experiments that ordinarily require laboratories full of equipment and people to be conducted on a chip small enough to fit in the palm of a child's hand. The chip contains a network of microscopic channels through which fluids and chemicals are moved in order to perform the experiment. The LabChip system is designed to streamline and accelerate laboratory experimentation and has potential applicability in a broad range of industries including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, chemicals and diagnostics. Caliper has established multiple strategic and commercial alliances and has built a leading intellectual property estate in microfluidic technology.

About StreetFusion

StreetFusion is the leading network for financial events, linking 6,000 public companies, 2,000 of the nation's leading buyside and sellside firms, and millions of individual investors. The network hosts the most comprehensive collection of financial event webcasts, maintains event calendars with the most accurate event information available, and provides members with a suite of powerful tools for event planning, event publishing, and event management. For information about StreetFusion visit or call toll-free (877) 343-0020.



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