Capio: The Nomination Committee's Proposal to the AGM

Gothenburg, SWEDEN

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 13, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- The Nomination Committee of Capio has presented the following proposal to the Capio Annual General Meeting, which takes place on 21st March 2002 in Gothenburg.

Proposal for election of Board of Directors:

 Re-election of    Jan Blomberg, Krister Hertzen, Roger Holtback, 
                   Lars Ingelmark, Olle Isaksson and Monica Lindstedt

 New election of   Per Batelson, President and CEO of Capio

Proposal for renumeration to the Board of Directors:

Remuneration shall be fixed at 160,000 SEK to each ordinary member and at 320,000 SEK to the Chairman.

Proposal for election of nomination committee:

 Reelection of     Ola Uhre, Orkla ASA, Erling Gustafsson, Six
                   AP Fund Board, and Caroline of Ugglas, Skandia

 New election of   Roger Holtback, who will also work as the convener

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