KnowledgeMax Announces 'Information on Demand' Digital Services

Introduces Five New Services for the Knowledge and Learning Market

MCLEAN, Va., March 29, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- KnowledgeMax, Inc. today announced a series of new digital services to allow clients to produce and deliver on-demand knowledge and learning content in multiple formats.

Once content is stored in the KnowledgeMax Central Repository, users can utilize the new 'Information on Demand' services to create, meter, burn, download or print the information. Integrated with KnowledgeMax's eBusiness order management and fulfillment system, end users will have just-in-time access to a wide variety of essential content.

The five new Information-on-Demand ("IOD") services include:

Digital Printing and Publishing -- KnowledgeMax provides superior quality print-on-demand (POD) replication from a wide variety of publication and content formats. This service produces black and white, halftone, and full-color products with a full range of binding options, while preserving quality. Customers benefit by lowering or eliminating operational costs of warehousing, obsolescence and delivery.

CD and CD-R Replication Services -- Digitized information can be manufactured and delivered via compact disc. Coupled with 'Print on Demand' services, KnowledgeMax can package and deliver documents and CDs worldwide with a single click on the desktop. High quality CD-ROM replication for larger, predictable production runs is also available.

Digital Warehousing -- KnowledgeMax customers can create and maintain core documentation in digital format and transfer the information electronically. File handling, management and archiving services enable users to store and retrieve different content types.

Digital Information Management Services (DRM) -- This new digital rights service allows customers to disseminate information that is securely licensed, managed and electronically distributed.

Digital Content Pac's -- Digitized knowledge and learning content can be subset, revised and repackaged into new content sources and targeted to specific user audiences.

"Our customers wanted a way to consolidate several existing brick-and-mortar services and augment new digitized services into a single eBusiness solution and delivery environment," said Alan Sultan, Sr. Vice President of KnowledgeMax. "The new KnowledgeMax services fulfill that customer goal and at the same time significantly reduce their costs."

"With the eBusiness system combined with the KnowledgeMax Central Repository of information and supply chain management system," said Donna Lynn, KnowledgeMax's Chief Operating Officer, "every supplier, partner and customer of KnowledgeMax can benefit from these new integrated services."

About KnowledgeMax, Inc.

KnowledgeMax has developed and operates a virtual "Knowledge Resource Solution" for corporations. The company specializes in providing millions of "best of breed" learning and information content to the professional, fully integrated with an eBusiness supply chain management system that connects corporations to suppliers. Complementary, premium, value-added services for 'information on demand' enables direct selection, delivery, management control and feedback. KnowledgeMax is the "one-stop enterprise" for employee knowledge and learning. KnowledgeMax is based in McLean, Va. After its planned merger with Sideware Systems Inc., the company will be publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE:SYD) and (OTCBB:SDWS).


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