SYRED Launches Industry-Leading Storage Operating System Which Functions both Inband and Out-Of-Band

HOWELL, N.J., May 8, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- SYRED Inc., a recognized leader in high-performance Storage Area Network (SAN) and Storage Area Management (SAM) solutions today announced the release of its Storage Operating System -- S2-OS(R). S2-OS is the world's first Storage Operating System that effectively raises the bar for the industry. SYRED, known for its technology breakthroughs, has achieved this new operation level by repositioning the SAN management technology.

Currently, the SAN appliance can be implemented in either an Inband or Out-Of-Band mode, both having advantages and disadvantages. However, it is a universally established fact that both solutions are relatively incompatible in terms of process and technology. SYRED has changed this equation with S2-OS, its breakthrough technology that operates in both modes while using the exact same firmware.

Indeed, to avoid operational disruption, S2-OS can be implemented Out-Of-Band and eventually installed Inband without requiring any modification of the software or the configuration. This feature offers significant value to customers as it avoids disruption of the data workflow for installing Storage Management resources. By simply attaching the SAN appliance to the switch, S2-OS seamlessly takes control of all attached storage devices, without requiring the installation of additional device drivers on participating Servers or Storage systems.

S2-OS Operating System also redefines the volume virtualization process. Competing products necessitate many disruptive, time- consuming, arduous and costly steps -- such as the complete backup of data prior to the creation of the virtualized volumes, then the restoring of the data in the newly created volumes. SYRED's approach is both straight-forward and efficient by implementing dynamic volume virtualization on the fly and mitigating the backup/restore phenomenon thereby providing the only completely non-disruptive implementation.

Furthermore, S2-OS provides on-demand incremental virtualization that results in enhanced flexibility and overall user ease, while being totally agnostic to the volume technologies. Existing non-virtualized volumes and processes will continue to function normally, although virtualized volumes are dynamically added. This capability allows users to define which volume to virtualize and when. For users apprehensive about introducing emerging technologies into their enterprise, this feature is significant inasmuch as they can dynamically create a virtualized mirror of the current volume and monitor the results. Then, at the appropriate selected time and comfort zone, the user can implement virtualization by dynamically switching to the virtualized volume.

Simon Fridmann, SYRED's CEO, stated: "Partners were impressed after successfully testing S2-0S innovative features, performance and ease of use. SYRED's future definitely looks very bright and full of potential."


SYRED is a leading developer, producer and marketer of high-performance Network Storage solutions and software. The company's products compete effectively with product offerings from companies such as EMC, Veritas and HP. SYRED has successfully built a recognizable installed base of customers. The company is well-positioned and committed to launching additional industry-leading and innovative products that will meet and exceed market expectations.


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