Personal Chemistry and Accelrys Enter Into Software Licensing Agreement and Technology Alliance

SAN DIEGO, May 23 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- Accelrys Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pharmacopeia, Inc. (Nasdaq:PCOP) and Personal Chemistry, a private Swedish company, today announced the signing of a software licensing agreement and technology alliance. Under the terms of the agreement, Accelrys will license the use of and provide integration support for Accord for Oracle and Accord Chemistry Control, an Active Xae based control which will be integrated into Coherent Synthesis(TM) to provide chemical computational and data management functions.

Coherent Synthesis incorporates innovative chemistry methodology, software, automation, microwave technology and reagents to speed up chemical reactions by between 10 and 1000 times, often with an increased yield of the compound. In addition to the increased speed and yield, the technology may solve complex chemistry problems that were previously very difficult to undertake using traditional methods.

"Traditionally, discovery scientists have relied on separate systems to generate, store and mine data," said Hans Johansson, CEO of Personal Chemistry "Accelrys' software together with Personal Chemistry's own software will link all of these functions and transport the information to the instrumentation and log all new reactions in the same fashion. In addition, a very high percentage of all the chemistry undertaken at major pharmaceutical companies has already been performed by the same company at an earlier time. Our new approach will prevent this duplication of effort."

"The adoption of the Accord chemistry engine into the Coherent Synthesis platform provides an elegant solution for the gap that exists today between chemistry information tools and synthesis systems," said Dennis Rossi, vice president of marketing at Accelrys. "We believe that this combination can provide a valuable new approach for both medicinal and combinatorial chemists, and we expect the partnership between Accelrys and Personal Chemistry to result in future synergies between synthesis and in-silico systems."


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