Personal Chemistry Launches Emrys Knowledge Builder

UPPSALA, Sweden, May 30, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- Personal Chemistry today announced that it would be launching the Emrys(TM) Knowledge Builder at its "Advances in Productive Chemistry Development" conference in San Diego.

The Emrys(TM) Knowledge Builder is a knowledge management system for Coherent Synthesis(TM), combining reaction warehousing, search tools, reaction browsers, conversion of search results to executable experiments and post-synthesis data capture. Emrys(TM) Knowledge Builder grows in size, quality and value based on the accumulated chemistry knowledge.

Coherent Synthesis incorporates innovative chemistry methodology, software, automation, microwave technology and reagents to speed up chemical reactions by between 10 and 1000 times, often with an increased yield of the compound. In addition to the increased speed and yield, the technology may solve complex chemistry problems that were previously very difficult to undertake using traditional methods.

"We are delighted to launch this revolutionary new addition to Coherent Synthesis," said Hans Johansson, Chief Executive Officer of Personal Chemistry. "The Emrys Knowledge Builder will enable all chemists to effectively use microwave-assisted chemistry. It also prevents duplication of the same development work and captures all chemistry undertaken even if the originator is no longer present."


Personal Chemistry is a private Swedish company that develops and markets Coherent Synthesis, a complete solution for faster chemistry development within medicinal and combinatorial chemistry. The company has its headquarters in Uppsala and subsidiaries in Boston (U.S.), Cambridge (U.K.) and Konstanz (Germany). Personal Chemistry currently employs 100 people of whom more than 40 are chemists. The company was founded by Dr. Soren Nygren and financed by HealthCap in 1998. 3i, Investor Growth Capital, Bank Invest and SEB have also invested in Personal Chemistry.

Traditionally, discovery scientists have relied upon separate systems to generate, store and mine data. Emrys(TM) Knowledge Builder links all of these functions, transports the information to the instrumentation and logs all new reactions under a set protocol. Over time, therefore, this system becomes increasingly valuable as more chemistry is performed and the information is captured. In addition, a very high percentage of all the chemistry undertaken at major pharmaceutical companies has already been performed by the same company previously. Emrys(TM) Knowledge Builder prevents the duplication of effort since all historical reaction information is saved.

It is Personal Chemistry's strategy to continue the development and expansion of Coherent Synthesis. To do this the company will in-license or acquire other capabilities to complement the work of its in-house development team and scientific partners.


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