TietoEnator's Customer Service System to the South Ostrobothnia Hospital District

ESPOO, Finland, June 10, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- TietoEnator will deliver Effica, an electronic patient record and patient administration system, to the South Ostrobothnia Hospital District in Seinajoki. An electronic patient record has a central role in the development of an information system package that will serve both patient care and hospital operations. The total value of the contract is over 3 million euro, and the delivery will take place in stages, with the final one in 2005.

"Our goal with Effica is to create a system where the required patient information will always be available easily and in the right format for the planning of patient care and for any decisions concerning the patient. Special care is highly information intensive by nature, and therefore the functionality and appropriateness of the IT system is an essential prerequisite for productive high quality care. Thanks to the rapid and easy transfer of patient data, electronic patient information systems provide the basis for an increasingly seamless, efficient and economic health care system," says Jaakko Pihlajamaki, Chief Executive of the Hospital District.

Effica is an integrated information system specially developed for central hospitals. In addition to patient records and care planning it also covers patient administration, as well as laboratory and operating room operations. This solution supports comprehensive patient care and focuses on both the individual care situation and advance care planning. The patient administration system can be used by all hospital departments to manage almost any aspect of emergency room and ward operations, including billing and compiling statistics. The hospital district may also use the Effica system for the archiving and processing of digital imaging data produced in the hospital.

TietoEnator is the leading IT solution supplier for the social and health care sectors in the Nordic countries. The Effica solution has been developed to serve hospitals, primary health care and social welfare. It is a genuinely integrated solution that also supports the development of multi-professional teamwork and regional co-operation.

Further information:

Hannu Puuronen, Director, TietoEnator, HealthCare Finland, +358 9 537 2743 or +358 400 291 801, juhani.kaisanlahti@tietoenator.com

Jaakko Pihlajamaki, Chief Executive, South Ostrobothnia Hospital District, +358 6 415 44100, jaakko.pihlajamaki@epshp.fi

Jaakko Rajala, IT Manager, South Ostrobothnia Hospital District, +358 6 415 4509, jaakko.rajala@epshp.fi

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