Extraordinary General Meeting in Pharmexa A/S

HOERSHOLM, Denmark, Aug. 5, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- Pursuant to article 8 of the Articles of Association the shareholders of Pharmexa A/S are hereby convened to the Extraordinary General Meeting on

                Wednesday, August 21, 2002 at 2.00 pm

at the Company's address, Kogle Alle 6, DK2970 Hoersholm with the following agenda:

1.     Election of a new member to the Board of Directors.

Following Roger Brimblecombes resignation from the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting 2002 the Board of Directors in Pharmexa propose that Executive Vice President of Research and Development in H. Lundbeck A/S, Claus Braestrup is elected new member of the Board of Directors. The intention is that Claus Braestrup will be elected as new Chairman of the Board of Directors after Joergen Buus Lassen, who continues as board member.

Claus Braestrup, DMSc, graduated from the University of Copenhagen; for a number of years he conducted research and served as adjunct professor of neuroscience. He has furthermore worked as a researcher and in senior positions at Ferrosan and Novo Nordisk. Before he took up his current position with H. Lundbeck A/S in 1998, Claus Braestrup served as Head of Preclinical Drug Development in Schering AG, Berlin in the period 1994-1998. Claus Braestrup is author of more than 125 scientific publications and is named inventor on several patents. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors in BRIC (Biotech Research and Innovation Center) as well as board member in Combio A/S and Hormos Medical Corporation.

Pursuant to Article 10 of the Articles of Association the shareholders, who wish to attend the general meeting, shall order admission cards from the company, Kogle Alle 6, DK2970 Hoersholm, Susanne Rosenklint, (tel: (45) 4516 2525 or fax: (45) 4516 2575) no later than Friday, August 16, 2002. Shareholders, who are not registered in the company's register of shareholders and who wish to attend the general meeting, must prove their title by presentation of documentation from the shareholders' financial institute, and this documentation must not have been issued more than 8 days prior to the general meeting. The shareholder must also issue a written statement to the effect that the shares have not been, and will not be, transferred to any third party before the general meeting has been held.

Voting rights can be exercised by power of attorney, which may be given to a person who is not a shareholder in the company. The power of attorney is valid until the company receives a written revocation, unless it contains conflicting provisions. Power of attorney cannot be given for more than one year.

On behalf of the Board of Directors


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