Carlsberg Invests in Biotech

VALBY, Denmark, Aug. 29, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- As part of placement of financial resources, Carlsberg A/S is planning, among other, to invest in biotech. The latest addition is VersaMatrix A/S, a new biotech company which is owned 100 per cent by Carlsberg and which Carlsberg will finance with an amount of up to DKK 25 mill.

Furthermore, Carlsberg has contributed additional capital to Combio A/S, and contributed DKK 10 mill. to DTUInnovation. It has also agreed to invest an amount of up to DKK 75 mill. in Care Capital, an American venture fund managed by Jan Leschly.

Carlsberg has established a department which will manage investments in biotech and evaluate the opportunities for further investments in own activities and external biotech companies.

Carlsberg intends to redecorate a storage building which will be equipped with laboratories and offices. Combio has signed the first lease, and there will be a further 2,700 m2 plus basement free for other biotech companies. The redecorated building should be ready in the beginning of 2004, and until then Combio continues to rent premises in the Carlsberg Research Center. After Combio has moved, other small biotech companies may rent these premises, and Carlsberg Research Center is investigating whether more space can be rented out. Apart from premises and the internationally recognized research environment, Carlsberg offers management resources, IT, accounts facilities, and possibly capital for new biotech leaseholders.

Other projects

The Carlsberg Biosector was granted approx. DKK 10 mill. to finance three projects. One of the projects named Aquamatrix was aimed at applications of new types of polymers, especially within the biotech industry. VersaMatrix is the result of this project.

The Affinyx project designed to develop new methods for identification of drug targets is developing according to plans, and the first patent application is on its way.

The project aimed at the development of cancer vaccine and the Bioenergy project have been closed down as they turned out not to be sustainable.

Carlsberg Research Center continues its plan to commercialise results of basic research, e.g. in the form of new biotech companies.


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