Personal Chemistry Offers Unique Professional Microwave Scale Up Services

UPPSALA, Sweden, September 18, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- Personal Chemistry today announced the provision of a new microwave scale up service offering significant time savings in chemistry development within drug discovery.

In response to the demand for Personal Chemistry's unique microwave scaleup technology, professional scale up services will now be available from Personal Chemistry as a complement to their stateoftheart products. In recognition of the Company's role as the market leader in microwave assisted organic synthesis, several major pharma companies have already approached Personal Chemistry for help in scaling up their promising and unique compounds developed using Personal Chemistry's Coherent Synthesis(TM) platform. Personal Chemistry can offer both the indepth knowledge of organic chemistry (over 30 % of the 100 employees are chemists, many at the PhDlevel) and the best available technology needed to support the customers' scale up efforts.

ALTANA Pharma AG have already benefited from Personal Chemistry's scale up technique, which has helped them synthesise 220g of a specific substance. A significant amount of time was saved due to the fact that the reaction parameters from the smaller scale instrument, Emrys(TM) Creator, could be transferred directly into larger scale. The conditions were thus scalable and there was no need for further optimisation.

"The scaleup system worked excellently and we received the same or even better results compared to the small scale reactions. The whole process was also completed in a fraction of the time we would normally spend using traditional methods," said Dr Josef Stadlwieser, (Head of Combinatorial Chemistry) of ALTANA Pharma AG. "This technique can really improve both speed and productivity when scaling up new substances. It is a valuable opportunity to be able to scaleup so rapidly on a contract bases."

There are multiple benefits to be gained by scaling up substances with the new Coherent Synthesis(TM) Scale Up technique. It is possible to safely speed up reactions between 10 to 1000 times and the increased yield and purity of the substances that is usually achieved also makes the workup and purification much easier and quicker a benefit which is further amplified in larger scales. Several studies have proven the excellent direct scalability that exists within the Coherent Synthesis platform: it is possible to optimise reactions on Personal Chemistry's smallscale instruments (Emrys(TM) Creator, Emrys(TM) Optimizer or Emrys(TM) Synthesizer) and then directly and safely apply the same reaction parameters to a reaction scaled up more than 50 times and still get the same results. Other benefits include the possibility to use greener chemistry also in larger scales and to find new, interesting reaction routes that were previously inaccessible. The high reproducibility achieved with this technique makes it especially suitable for many kinds of chemistry, for example building blocks.

Personal Chemistry can offer custom synthesis from gram to kg scale.

Personal Chemistry is a private Swedish company that develops and markets Coherent Synthesis(TM), a complete solution for faster chemistry development within medicinal and combinatorial chemistry. The company has its headquarters in Uppsala and subsidiaries in Boston (U.S.), Cambridge (U.K.) and Konstanz (Germany). Personal Chemistry currently employs 100 people of whom more than 30 are chemists. The company was founded by Dr Soren Nygren and financed by HealthCap in 1998. 3i, Investor Growth Capital, Bank Invest, MVI, SEB Fonder and SEB Foretagsinvest have also invested in Personal Chemistry.


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