Ibbotson Offers Free "Stock Performance After Recessions" Chart

CHICAGO, March 5, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Ibbotson Associates, a leading provider of investment tools and knowledge, today announced that it is offering a free chart to customers who register at its newly redesigned website, www.ibbotson.com. The new chart, "Stock Performance after Recessions," demonstrates the relative historical performance of small- versus large-cap stocks following recessionary periods.

"Stocks tend to have strong returns following recessionary periods-particularly small-company stocks," said Edward Lopez, senior product manager at Ibbotson Associates. "Small stocks haven't outperformed large stocks after every recession, yet on average their potential to lead the way out of recessions is significant. Diversifying into small company stocks may benefit investor portfolios, especially when the market is coming out of a recession."

The chart is a PowerPoint slide that can be downloaded from the Ibbotson website. The versatile PowerPoint format allows individuals to fully customize the slide with a company name or logo, change the format to match an existing presentation and/or create slides, transparencies and handouts.

About Ibbotson Associates

Ibbotson Associates, founded by Professor Roger Ibbotson in 1977, is a leading authority on asset allocation, providing products and services to help investment professionals obtain, manage and retain assets.

The company's business lines include investment and cost of capital consulting and research; planning and analysis software; wealth forecasting; educational services and a widely used line of NASD-reviewed presentation materials. With offices in Chicago, New York and Tokyo, Ibbotson Associates provides integrated investment knowledge, leading-edge technology, multi-conceptual education and a variety of sales presentation solutions. Ibbotson markets its integrated product line of investment analytical tools and services to institutional money managers, plan sponsors and consultants for quantitative analysis, high level decision-making and presentations. The company's clients also include financial planners, brokers, mutual fund firms, private bankers and small money managers.


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