Nexus Increases Security for the Olympic Games in Athens 2004

LINKOPING, Sweden, July 3, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- As a part of the project for the Olympic Games in Athens 2004, the ministry of justice in Greece have decided to digitise citizen's criminal records.

Together with its Greek partner, Mellon Technologies, Nexus has undertaken the project of digitalizing the criminal records of the Ministry of Justice.

This is a complete solution composed of all the essential subsystems for the issuing, management and validation of digital certificates.

In technical terms, it comprices the installation of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system for the establishment of the Certification Authority (CA) - Trusted Third Party (TTP) for the issuing of digital certificates, which will be used for all types of communication and tasks by the ministry's personnel.

This particular PKI platform complies with all European standards for digital signatures. This permits the Ministry of Justice to further expand the system in order to issue Qualified Digital Certificates (according to the presidential enactment 150/2001 and the relevant municipal directive 93/99 for digital signatures) with the use of which, it is possible to create advanced digital signatures that replaces physical signatures.

"Nexus agreement with SmartTrust concerning development and sales of Digital ID products is now one year old. This is among other businesses, such as Volkswagen, one of the most significant deals within the digital ID marketplace for us, and confirms that Nexus today is a leading actor in this field on the europeen market," said Gustaf Malmros, vice president and head of business area Secured Business Solutions in Nexus.

Nexus is one the leading supplier of digital ID solutions in Europe and envolved in digital ID solution with customers such as Telefonica, Nordea, Swedish Post, VolksWagen, HSBC among others.

"Mellon Technologies, acting as Nexus partner in greece, today offers custom made PKI applications. PKI applications constitute as a unique security infrastructure that is not fully utilized without the use of particular PKI enabled applications. Today's technological advancements as well as the existing statutory and legal framework allow us to maximize the benefits of technology notes," said Mr. Angelo Angelopoulos, Mellon's e-security & card solutions product unit manager.

For further information, please contact:

Gustaf Malmros, VP and Business Area Manager, Secured Business Solutions, Technology Nexus AB. Phone +46 705-94 43 58, e-mail

About Nexus'solution area Digital Identities and Signatures Digital identification and signatures are used to fulfil requirements for the confidentiality, traceability, correctness and availability of information distributed via digital media.

Digital identities and signatures also ensure that the right users have access to the right information, and that unauthorised users are denied access.

Demands on security levels for access control vary and can be solved using different techniques. But if access control is to be combined with traceability in the form of digital signatures, then Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the technique that meets all requirements. PKI is a method used for digital IDs and signatures. It is based on a key pair, one private key and one public key, used for digital identification, signing and encryption.

Nexus participated in pilot projects that formed the base of digital identification solutions used by the Swedish National Tax Board (Riksskatteverket), the Swedish National Social Insurance Board (Riksforsakringsverket), and the Banks' ID Service. Nexus is one of the leading companies in this field in Europe.

About Secured Business Solutions Within the field of secured IT solutions, Nexus has gathered expertise in business and operations systems, PKI-based solutions, and secured messaging.

Through the combination of our expertise and experience in secured solutions for electronic business transactions, electronic services, message management, and electronic IDs, we have a unique ability to create the right security solutions based on our clients needs.

We deliver secured solutions within the following areas: Digital Identities, Digital Signatures, Identity Management, Secured Messaging

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Facts about Technology Nexus AB Technology Nexus AB develops and delivers software and services that allow businesses to have more open IT communication with their own customers, while protecting important and valuable information. Whether managing subscriber identities and digital signatures or delivering secure messaging, Nexus safeguards customers' transactions and communication channels and improves their profitability.

Nexus works with the end-customer market, and as a development partner with customers with high demands on quality.

Nexus has about 500 employees, with regional offices across Sweden in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Uppsala, Umea, Karlstad, Vasteras, Orebro and Borlange. International offices are in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Paris, London, Madrid and New Jersey, USA. Our head office is in Linkoping, Sweden. Find more information at E-mail:

Facts about Mellon Technologies Mellon Technologies is one of the largest Greek IT companies specializing in the electronic transaction solutions market, with 155 employees and an annual turnover that exceeds Euro 20 million. Mellon's successful growth brought the company amongst Europe's 500 fastest growing companies (Growth Plus Europe's 500) and the three most successful IT companies in Greece for the period 1996 - 2001 (Greek ICT Market). Furthermore, Mellon was awarded the International Quality Crown Award in recognition of its continuous commitment to high quality and excellence. For further information please visit the website

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