Employee convertibles in WM-data Aktiebolag (publ)

STOCKHOLM, Nov. 4, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- At an Extraordinary General Meeting in WM-data Aktiebolag (publ) on November 4, 2003, it was resolved to issue a convertible debenture loan in a maximum amount of SEK 230 M, which shall be convertible to Series B shares. The issue will be made to all employees of the WM-data Group as well as the employees in certain associated companies in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

The main terms and conditions of the convertible debenture loans are as follows:

 -  The loan amounts to a maximum of SEK 230 M, with interest payable
    from December 22, 2003 through November 30, 2008 at an annual rate
    corresponding to STIBOR less 0.80 percentage points.
 -  The loan may be converted to Series B shares from and including May 2,
    2007 through October 31, 2008.
 -  Each employee is entitled to subscribe for at least one lot and not
    more than 80 lots and is guaranteed to subscribe for five lots. A lot
    corresponds to a value of not more than SEK 5,000.
 -  The conversion price that will be determined at 137 percent of the
    average market price for shares in WM-data during the period November
    10 - 14, 2003.
 -  The dilution effect as a result of the proposed convertibles program
    is estimated to amount to a maximum of about 2.6 percent of the share
    capital, corresponding to a maximum of 9,890,000 shares, and about 1.5
    percent of the number of votes. The maximum dilution effect as a
    result of the proposed convertibles loan and the warrants outstanding,
    with rights to subscribe for 9,469,800 Series B shares to and
    including May 28, 2004 at a subscription price of SEK 71 per share,
    amounts to about 5.0 percent of the share capital and about 2.9
    percent of the voting rights.

Stockholm, November 4, 2003


For further information please contact: Camilla Oberg, Investor Relations, WM-data, +46 8-671 02 41, cellphone +46 8 733-98 50 01, e-mail: camilla.oberg@wmdata.se Rickard Petri CFO WM-data, +46 8-671 66 40, e-mail: rickard.petri@wmdata.se

WM-data was founded in 1969 and is one of the leading IT companies in the Nordic region today. Through a broad offering of design and IT- related services, we create increased efficiency and tangible benefits for our customers. Annual sales amount to approximately SEK 7,000 million, with approx. 6,000 employees. For additional information, visit our website: www.wmdata.se

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