Ibbotson Announces 2004 Asset Allocation Conference

CHICAGO, Dec. 4, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Ibbotson Associates, a leading provider of investment tools and knowledge, today announced that its 2004 asset allocation conference will be held January 22-23 at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort and Convention Center. The company has gathered together the top minds from the academic and business communities to present their new research on asset allocation and alternative investment strategies. In addition to Roger Ibbotson and members of the Ibbotson Associates research and investment management services groups, Robert Reich, former secretary of labor will address the impact of terrorism on the economy.

Other featured speakers include:

   -- Rex Sinquefield of Dimensional Fund Advisors-"An Alternative to 
      Alternatives: International Small Cap Stocks"

   -- David Tsujimoto of Frank Russell-"Hedge Fund Research: The 
      Importance of Qualitative Analysis"

   -- Laurence Siegel of Ford Foundation-"Buy Side Look at 
      Alternative Investing"

   -- Matthew McGinness of Cerulli Associates-"Mutual Fund 

   -- Jeffrey Diermeier of UBS Asset Management-"Alternative 
      Investments in the Context of Your Overall Portfolio"

Interested parties can register for the conference online at www.ibbotson.com.

About Ibbotson Associates

Ibbotson Associates, founded by Professor Roger Ibbotson in 1977, is a leading authority on asset allocation, providing products and services to help investment professionals obtain, manage and retain assets.

The company's business lines include investment consulting and research; planning and analysis software; investment advice; educational and marketing services and a widely used line of NASD-reviewed presentation materials. With offices in Chicago, New York and Tokyo, Ibbotson Associates markets its integrated product line to institutional money managers, insurance companies, plan sponsors and consultants, financial planners, brokers, mutual fund firms, hedge funds, banks and small money managers.


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