iPolitix Hosts Reception at National Conference of Mayors in Washington D.C.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Feb. 4, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- iMedia International, Inc. (the "Company") (Other OTC:IMNL), pioneers in the interactive digital multimedia publishing industry, announced today that its Las Vegas-based subsidiary, iPolitix(tm), LLC ("iPolitix") recently hosted an exclusive gathering of future and incumbent mayors and other politicians during the National Conference of Mayors in Washington D.C.

On hand to present the marketing strategies of iPolitix's Digital Media Solutions were Ross Goodman and Michael Mack, partners in iPolitix and iMedia International's CEO, David MacEachern.

iPolitix specializes in the sales and marketing of the Company's interactive, multi-media disks to political parties, political action committees and lobbyists in order that they may promote their candidates, campaigns, agendas and ballot initiatives. The Company's custom discs exploit a proprietary measurement reporting system allowing candidates, in real-time, to accurately gauge their constituents' political interests, registered by their usage of the discs. Potential voters will be invited to complete surveys and questionnaires as well as enter on-line chat forums to share opinions thereby allowing for the most accurate and up-to-date evaluation of voter sentiment.

One of the major benefits to the iPolitix disc is that it removes the 30-second barrier that television imposes and allows a candidate the opportunity to deliver a complete and interactive message outlining all of their views, positions and opinions. Disc users will be exposed to the most interactive, participant-friendly political landscape available. The iPolitix digital solution can stand alone or can be used to enhance or corroborate conventional telemarketing and polling.

Throughout the event, iMedia's CEO David MacEachern stressed to the hundreds of mayors in attendance the value of interactive digital marketing, which is placing their message directly into the hands of prospective voters - along with the ability to capture, in real-time, voter interest in hot issues by way of the back-end reporting feature of this progressive technology. MacEachern stated: "Our iPolitix product creates a "virtual arena" for the current and future leaders and policy-makers of our states and nation to present their agenda and platforms, all while receiving critical and valuable feedback, almost instantly, regarding the concerns and interests of their constituents.

About iMedia International Inc.

iMedia International, Inc. is in the Digital Media business. The Company's products effectively fulfill the inevitable digitization of the publishing and print media industries. Their products converge the combined power of Print, Audio, Video, Broadcast and the Internet with an interactive, measurable, multimedia presentation, on disc, packaged for the most effective and efficient distribution to an audience. A key feature of iMedia's technology is its real-time, online tracking measurement system which provides quantitative data on viewer usage, such as length of viewing, to gauge the effectiveness of the imbedded advertisements, interest in a particular movie preview, a particular advertisement or any other feature within the medium.

About iPolitix, LLC

iPolitix, LLC is a Las Vegas-based subsidiary of iMedia International Inc., headed by attorney Ross Goodman and marketing veteran Michael Mack. iPolitix is licensed to utilize and apply the interactive digital products created by iMedia International in the political arena.

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