Otish Provides Details on its 608 Diamond Exploration Claims

NEW YORK, May 5, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Otish Mountain Diamond Company, Inc. (OTCBB:OMDC) an American diamond exploration company with rights to 75,000 acres of mining claims for diamond exploration activities located in Northern Quebec, Canada, announces the details of its claims in the Otish Mountains region of north central Quebec.

The Otish Mountains are a prominent north easterly trending linear range of mountains that rise above the otherwise low lying shield in north central Quebec. The region rising in elevations from 1500 feet in the Timiscamie River Valley to 3000 feet in the Otish Mountains is virtually unpopulated except for the seasonal hunting and trapping periods. The properties acquired by OMDC are all located approximately 220 miles northeast of the town of Chibougamau and 530 miles north of Montreal.

The region receives annual precipitation of approximately 30 inches, with snow accumulations extending from late October to early April with temperatures regularly dropping to -40 degrees F. Summers are characteristically mild, with daytime temperatures averaging 59 degrees F. The following table describes the main characteristics of each property of OMDC's claims located in the Otish Mountains:

   Property         Number of   Number of      Location
                      Claims      Acres
 Lac Leran No. 2        1          129
 Ruisseau River         6          312    Surrounded by Dios/DeBeers
                                          exploration projects
 Lac Joubert           34        4,341    Adjoins Majescor Portage
 Lac Orillat           39        4,978    22 miles NE of Ashton
                                          Renard Discoveries
 Lac Taffnell          60        7,615    Adjoins on the SW of
                                          Majescor's Portage
                                          Extension Project
 Lac Square Rock       75        9,488    Adjoins Majescor's Portage
                                          Extension project on the NE
 Lac Leran  JV        116       15,361    Surrounded by Dios/DeBeers,
                                          Ashton and Majescor
                                          exploration projects.
 Lac Herve            277       34,382    Located in proximity to
                                          Ashton's Talga project and
                                          adjoins Majescor's
                                          Fontanges project on the NE.
 Total                608       76,608

The diamond exploration properties of the company are located in a craton that is under-explored and has the potential to host a major discovery of Canadian diamonds. All of them are in close proximity to the diamond discovery properties of Ashton Mining, and the exploration properties of Majescor and Dios Exploration (in partnership with DeBeers of South Africa), with similar geologic settings. This proximity to already proven findings of diamondiferous kimberlites makes these properties very attractive for diamond exploration purposes.

About Otish Mountain Diamond Company

Otish Mountain Diamond Company, founded in August 2003, is an exploration company conducting diamond exploration activities in the Northern part of Quebec. The Company's claims encompass approximately 75,000 acres among 8 different properties in the Otish Mountains region and are located in under-explored areas next to significant diamond discoveries. Geologists believe that there is good potential for the discovery of diamond bearing kimberlites at these sites due to their geological settings and close proximity to the industry leaders valuable diamond discovery sites of Ashton Mining, and the exploration sites of Majescor and Dios (in partnership with DeBeers of South Africa).

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