Rabble-Rousing 'Liberty Bound' Spooks American Distributors

Doc's Worldwide Rights Snapped up by French Company, but U.S. Buyers Remain Skittish

LOS ANGELES, May 5, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- "Liberty Bound", the incendiary activist documentary by Christine Rose that examines the countrywide loss of civil liberties in the wake of 9/11, continues to seek a distributor in this country, despite overwhelmingly positive reaction at such competitions as The Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood and The People's International Inquiry of 9/11 in San Francisco. French distributor, Take Off, purchased the film for $250,000 at Cannes last year. Now with the controversy over Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911", U.S. distribution seems even more unlikely.

"Liberty Bound," which reveals an America growing alarmingly fascist and paranoid, makes use of both original and archived footage, as well as in-depth interviews with such thinkers as historian Howard Zinn and journalist/publisher Michael Ruppert. Also featured are several Americans who have suffered directly from The Patriot Act and other controversial legislation put forth by the Bush administration. These persons include a college senior who was threatened with expulsion because he turned his back to President Bush during a public speech; and a World War II veteran who was questioned by officials after several of his anti-government emails were intercepted.

Through the inclusion of rarely seen footage from the events of 9/11 and the "war" in Afghanistan, the film calls into question the mainstream media's efficiency and its ethics. These scenes include Afghanistan babies burned by American bombing; and audiotapes of the terrorists on board flight 93 as they deceived passengers into thinking the plane was headed back to its departure point.

Rose denies being a propagandist. The point of the film, she says, is merely "to get people to think for themselves. . . to not believe everything they hear on the news without question or analysis."

The next screenings of "Liberty Bound" will be as follows:

 Tuesday, May 11th, 7:30pm
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 West Hollywood, CA 90069
 Phone: (310) 652-1933

 May 19th and 21st
 Cannes Film Festival
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 May 24th
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