A Legend of Loyalty and Honor -- New Novel Tells Story of Young Mexican Woman's Rise to Power

SAN DIEGO, May 20, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- The border control issue between the United States and Mexico and the treatment of Mexican immigrants by American authorities and employers are subjects of heated political debate these days. In his novel, Legend (now available through AuthorHouse), Alan Michaels explores these issues in the story of a young woman's struggles and triumphs.

Juana, a talented, young Mexican, flees to California after her wealthy, influential father is assassinated. On her path to a new life, she meets two Americans who help her gain international political attention. Alan and Robin both have unrealized dreams in life, and they both fall in love with Juana, focusing their passion and energy on helping her escape obscurity and gain public recognition. Juana, in turn, comes to love Alan and Robin but deeply resents the unjust treatment of Mexicans she witnesses in America.

As Juana rises to a leadership role in the Mexican community, her powerful Spanish-Mexican uncle, Ricardo, moves to California to mentor her. Recognizing Juana's ability, Ricardo radicalizes her with his own version of Mexican and American history to pull her into his secret agenda and the radical group he calls his Brothers. Juana's anger toward the plight of Mexicans grows, and she aligns herself with Ricardo's conspiracy, becoming an outspoken Mexican nationalist. When Juana realizes Ricardo's true motives, she is torn between her loyalty to her American friends, who sacrificed so much for her, and her loyalty to the cause of the Mexican people.

Legend weaves a romantic love triangle into an exciting story of political intrigue, mystery and adventure, while addressing important issues that are, and will likely continue to be, at the forefront of Mexican and American debates for years to come.

Alan Michaels is a pseudonym for a writer who has published more than one hundred works under several different names. Born and raised in Southern California, he earned degrees at the University of California at Los Angeles. He lived and worked in eight different countries before his start as a full-time writer. He currently lives in Europe.

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