Tornet -- Notice of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders


Fastighets AB Tornet is one of Sweden's major listed property companies. Its Swedish holding has a lettable area of around 2.8 million square metres and a book value of over SEK 19 billion. Almost 97 per cent of the property holdings, measured as book value, are in Sweden and concentrated in Sweden's six largest cities and in Norrkoping and Karlstad. The properties are owned and managed by the subsidiaries ArosTornet, Malmstaden, MalarTornet, SkansTornet and Euro Tower.


Shareholders in Fastighets AB Tornet (publ) are hereby notified that theAnnual General Meeting of Shareholders will take place at 2 pm onMonday, 28 June 2004 at St Eriksalen, Hotell Sheraton, Tegelbacken 6,Stockholm.

Notification of attendance

Shareholders, who wish to participate in the Annual General Meeting, must:

- be registered in the share register kept by VPC AB ("VPC") at the latest by Friday, 18 June 2004,

 -- and must notify the company in writing of their attention to attend at
    the latest by 1 pm on Monday, 21 June 2004 at the address Fastighets AB
    Tornet, Box 623, SE-182 16 Danderyd, Sweden or by telephone
    (+46)8-544 905 17.

Notification is to include the person's name, date of birth/Swedish personal identity no./company registration no., address/telephone number, number of shares, and assistants (if any) at the meeting. Personal particulars will only be used in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting for the requisite registration and preparation of a voting list. Shareholders, whose shares are nominee-registered, must request that their shares are temporarily registered in their own name at VPC in good time before 18 June 2004 to be able to participate in the Annual General Meeting. Requests are to be made to the nominee and must have been completed at the latest by Friday, 18 June 2004. If participation takes place by virtue of a power of attorney, this is to be sent to the company in the original together with the notification of the intention to attend the Annual General Meeting.


 1.  Opening of the meeting.
 2.  Election of a chairman at the meeting.
 3.  Drawing up and approval of the agenda.
 4.  Approval of the agenda.
 5.  Appointment of persons to check the minutes.
 6.  Consideration of whether the meeting has been duly convened.
 7.  Presentation of the annual accounts and the auditors' report
     and the consolidated accounts and the auditor's report for the 
     Group for the financial year 2003.
 8.  Address by the managing director.
 9.  Decision on adoption of the statement of income and balance
     sheet and the Group statement of income and consolidated balance
 10. Decision on appropriation of the company's profit and the record date.
 11. Decision on discharge from liability for the board members and
     the managing director.
 12. Determination of the number of board members, who are to be
     appointed by the Annual General Meeting.
 13. Determination of the fees for the board and the auditors.
 14. Election of members of the board.
 15. Conclusion of the meeting.

Proposed decisions

Item 10 Dividend and record date

The board proposes to the Annual General Meeting that a dividend of SEK 127 per share be paid for the financial year 2003. The board recommends that Thursday, 1 July 2004 2003 be set as the record date. If the Annual General Meeting accepts the board's proposal, it is expected that dividend can be sent out by VPC on Tuesday, 6 July 2004.

Items 12, 13, and 14

The proposals of the Nominations Committee on the number of board members, fees for board members and auditors and board members will be published by press releases before the Annual General Meeting of shareholders.

Shareholders may be accompanied by one or two assistants at the Annual General Meeting provided that the shareholder has made notification to this effect as provided for in the above Notification.

Coffee will be served from 1 pm.

Stockholm, May 2004 THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Danderyd, 28 May 2003

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