The Body Sculptress -- New book offers home body toning and weight loss plan

RALEIGH, N.C., June 3, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Many workout and diet plans that are popular today require cardio and resistance machines, expensive supplements and costly liquid shakes. Many women have learned that one doesn't need to spend a fortune on gadgets and pills to achieve a good figure. Angela Ursprung has created a program for women who exercise in their homes and don't want to spend a fortune. In her new book, Bodysculpting: At Home with the Body Sculptress (now available through 1stBooks), Ursprung helps women create a toned, lean figure by eating regular food and using just a few hand weights.

Created by a woman for other women, Ursprung's 12-week program, which is fully outlined in her book, offers detailed descriptions of exercises, workout calendars and suggested menus for women looking to take that crucial step toward making a lifelong change.

Developed over a four-year period in which Ursprung trained women in their homes, Bodysculpting is an effective, proven program that works. Women who have little or no background in weight training but have a willingness to reach for the body of their dreams will benefit from Ursprung's ideas and methods.

Ursprung is a certified health and fitness instructor. She put herself through college, earned a master's degree and worked her way up the information technology corporate ladder. In 2000 she was introduced to bodybuilding, sparking her love of fitness and helping others achieve their dreams. More information about Ursprung, her program and her clients' success stories is available at


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