Reaches Out to Political Candidates to Find the Elusive Online Voter Introduces Media Campaign Targeting Voters for Election 2004

DENVER, July 15, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) --, the interactive media portal and pro-active content search engine, has launched its "Election 2004 Media Campaign" for political candidates to capitalize on its patent-pending ArriveNet Media Postcard Delivery System(tm) and effectively reach out to the elusive online voter.

ArriveNet's Election 2004 Media Campaign takes political communications to another level. The ArriveNet Media Postcard Delivery System(tm) allows a political candidate to "brand" the campaign and candidate, convey a pro-active message, and then direct the potential voter into the candidate's press release or editorial hosted at Individuals, companies or political candidates interested in getting their pro-active media messages in front of the public eye, without journalistic influence, can use ArriveNet's patent-pending technology to create third-party marketing validation and effectively reach a consumer or voter.

The ArriveNet Media Postcard Delivery System(tm) creates unsurpassed third-party marketing validation of a candidate's campaign positions on issues because the candidate's press releases and editorials are accessed immediately and can be searched at Each ArriveNet Media Postcard(tm) provides the candidate with 3 to 5 points of contact with the potential voter. This unique on-line promotional system is based on the "Hollywood Method" of power selling that is popular with movie studios to attract movie goers using multi-media messaging and traditional broadcast advertising. provides the ability to aggregate an audience of meaningful size and to focus on virtually any local or national target. A political candidate can reach millions of voters within their target market, and impact them with powerful informational messages without outside media influence. This can be done for a fraction of the cost of television, radio and print advertising with informational messages that can be geo-targeted, tested, polled and tracked for the results. can get a political candidates message on brand name websites that will broadcast their messages directly to their voters, utilizing the patent-pending ArriveNet Media Postcard Delivery System(tm). These include popular websites like, FOX, N.Y.,,, and thousands more. Not only do these on-line political broadcast postcards include informational messages rather than just Internet ads, but full-page press releases and editorials hosted at to convey the candidate's position on important issues. is an interactive media portal that focuses on current and archived pro-active content from press release and editorial sources, rather than re-active content that dominates the traditional news media. has over 225,000 articles for visitors to browse and search on virtually any subject from religion to politics and everything in between. National and state packages are available.

The Election 2004 service is tailored for daily campaign schedules, and full-text delivery of position papers, speeches and releases. News releases can include a link to audio and video clips. Phone messaging, popular during past political campaigns, is also available.

The Election 2004 Media Kit is available at:

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