The Conflicting Messages of the Bible -- New Reference Guide Pinpoints Contradictory Bible Verses

RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 7, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- The debate over the meaning and validity of Bible passages has raged for centuries. The anonymous author of A Notable Biblical Reference Manual (now available through AuthorHouse) pinpoints contradictions in this revered, yet controversial, religious text, offering a detailed guide to conflicting Bible verses.

With an easy to use format, the author provides readers with a clear-cut glimpse at the confusion various Bible passages often create. Bible verses from Acts 1:5 to Zephaniah 3:9 are listed alphabetically in the left hand column and verses contradicting those are listed on the right. A brief description of each verse is also provided.

As someone who grew up attending Baptist church services, the author often questioned the sermons. Friends and family told him he needed to understand the Bible as a whole to grasp the pastor's message.

"Although I have read the entire Bible and studied religion, theology and philosophy in college, I have never found the right context in which to interpret scriptures that say, 'God is love' (and) scriptures that say 'God is a consuming fire who has anger, vengeance, jealousy, wrath, hate, etc.' all intertwined with scripture that says 'God never changes," he writes.

The author writes that the contradictions in the Bible are so numerous that he looked for books or Web sites that highlighted them. When he could find none, he began to document the contradictions he encountered, a process that has taken nearly a decade.

"This book tries to bring together the most complete list of biblical contradictions covering the widest context possible in hopes that either answers are found or agreement is solidified that the Bible contains contradictions. . ." he writes.

The author holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy. A Notable Biblical Reference Manual is his first book.

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