Intertex Releases the SIP Switch

The VON Show, BOSTON, Oct. 18, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Intertex Data AB, manufacturer of SIP capable firewalls for the SOHO market, today released their SIP Switch. The SIP Switch is a software for the Intertex IX66 SIP capable firewalls, routers and ADSL modems that combines the best of traditional telephony, VoIP (Voice over IP) and live Internet communication and adds PBX functionality. In addition to the lower cost offered by broadband VoIP services, the SIP Switch also gives true global SIP connectivity over the Internet, allowing for free voice, video, presence, instant messaging and better sound quality. It connects to the ordinary telephone network via one or several available VoIP providers, allowing for drastically reduced long distance telephony costs.

The SIP Switch PBX features include local extension numbers, dialing 9 (or 0) for "outside line," call forwarding, call forking and other advanced features. The SIP Switch integrates SIP phones, soft clients and traditional telephones by allowing dialing by number, URI, or extension. The SIP Switch allows several users to share single user accounts from one or several SIP based VoIP providers, for connection to and from the traditional telephony network (PSTN). Calls to all users in the open SIP world are completely free. ENUM -- another important function of the SIP Switch -- is used to check whether a phone number has a SIP address, before handing a call over to a PSTN gateway.

Intertex' SIP Switch functionality will ease the migration from PSTN to SIP-based communication for small offices and home offices. This is the first time a product with this much functionality is targeted towards the SOHO market with a competitive price tag. "We expect that this product will help small companies take the step from traditional telephony to SIP-based live IP communication," says Martin Feuk, Executive Vice President of Intertex.

The Intertex Internet Gate products include a SIP capable firewall and a SIP server. The SIP Switch software integrates the usage of soft PC clients, SIP telephones and ordinary telephones, adds PBX functionality and gives a unique connectivity with the old telephone network via common VoIP service provider's SIP accounts. Through the SIP transparent IX66 firewall, SIP users on the LAN have global reach to and from all SIP clients connected to the Internet. Using the SIP Switch, there is no longer a need for VoIP to be limited to only replicating old telephones, nor need VoIP be implemented in small islands only interoperating over the telephone network.

At the VON (Voice on the Net) show in Boston, Intertex will demonstrate the SIP Switch emulating a regular PBX, allowing soft PC clients, SIP telephones and wireless PDAs to call each other with extension numbers, URIs or full PSTN numbers, while also integrating presence, instant messaging and video. In this demonstration, all SIP devices will also initiate calls to, and receive calls from, ordinary PSTN phones.

About Intertex Data AB

Intertex Data AB was founded in 1982 by current CEO Karl Erik Stahl. The company develops and markets communication and security products. Currently, the focus is on next generation broadband access products following the SIP standard and person-to-person IP communication.. The products include feature rich ADSL modems and firewalls prepared for SIP based IP Telephony, Presence, Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing. Intertex has won several international awards for creative product design as well as business excellence.

Intertex's media contact is Howard Kendall at phone (508) 385-6335 and For further information, see Click Resources/PR for picture download.