Pure H20 Bio-Technologies, Inc. Announces New Filing of U.S. Patent Application for Iodine Water Treatment System and Method

BOCA RATON, Fla., Dec. 14, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Pure H20 Bio-Technologies, Inc. (Pink Sheets:PHBT) announced today it filed a new Patent Application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, D.C. for its Iodine Water Treatment System and Method.

Joseph P. Doxey, President of Pure H20 Bio-Technologies, Inc., stated, "the invention relates to an expertly engineered halogen-disinfection water treatment system that controls the release of the disinfectant and its delivery, a method of generating safe potable drinking water."

The PHBT point-of-entry water treatment systems provide another layer of protection for individual homes, businesses and healthcare facilities in the event that municipal systems become compromised with chlorine-resistant etiological agents. Historically, the concern has been to deliver the iodine in a manner that does not present a residual in treated potable water supplies. The PHBT technology provides a new water treatment option based on a system designed with both pre-and post-absolute carbon filtration used in combination with direct crystal iodine contact for disinfection. Moreover, the PHBT system is designed not to release detectable residual halogen into the disinfected water supplies. Both the iodine concentration and the contact time can be controlled independently of pH, and have demonstrated laboratory effective kill rates to a level of log 8 against microbial agents, as recent PHBT's test results confirm.

Reminder: The CDC makes no recommendation as to the use of the portable filters on the market due to lack of independently verified results of their efficacy.

The Company

PHBT is a publicly held company specializing in the manufacturing, design and sale of its unique residential, commercial and hospital point-of-use potable water disinfection systems. These systems are specifically designed to work effectively against water-borne pathogens and remove heavy metals and objectionable biomass.

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