Cisco Employees Optimistic In New Vault Employee Surveys

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NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Cisco employees remain optimistic in the face of intense competition, New York research firm Vault (web site at has found in new employee surveys published on networking giant Cisco Systems (Nasdaq:CSCO). Cisco is scheduled to report fiscal second-quarter results today after the closing bell. The survey results can be accessed on

Vault's employee surveys give investors and jobseekers insight into the company's business operations.

Writes a Cisco systems engineer based in Research Triangle Park: "The business outlook is positive in that same way IBM's is. It will be here for a while but really it is a large stable company where we will not see any significant growth anymore. But morale is definitely down in the company with Juniper being a fierce competitor, and the fact that there have been very few raises over the last 4 years. The heyday is over for Cisco, and the employees feel it."

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Says a Cisco manager: "There is some healthy competition out there, but Cisco remains the clear leader in virtually all the areas that it does business. Most of Cisco's growth will be in the emerging markets such as Wireless, Storage Networking, and Network Security. With the slight current upturn in IT spending, Cisco is beginning to hire again for some very specialized roles."

Cisco employees also report in the surveys on workplace culture and compensation. For example, one manager explains that "U.S. salaried employees qualify for substantial biannual bonus payments which are indexed on individual achievement, corporate target achievement, group customer satisfaction scores, and group target achievement."

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