New Research Identifies Top Twenty Trends in Business Process Outsourcing

It's a buyer's market, according to Vales Consulting Group analysis of trends transforming the global BPO market


RYE, N.Y., March 8, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector in the past several years has evolved from a high-potential, but unproven, business strategy to the center and key driver of business value for the $300 billion global outsourcing industry, according to a new analysis of global BPO trends by Vales Consulting Group. Key findings were recently published in a two-part series by the Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing Association (SBPOA) and featured in the SBPOA's Thinking Points thought leadership channel at

The co-authors of the research, Joe Vales and Danielle Vales, analyzed changing market conditions over the past 18 months and identified the trends that are radically transforming the business process outsourcing marketplace. "Examining trends from both the buyer and service provider perspective, we see a fundamental shift in buying preferences and market leadership," said Joseph Vales, Senior Partner, Vales Consulting Group. "The buyer is now king, and in a position to demand service excellence and a more robust value proposition from the service provider community."

"If they want to succeed in this new market cycle, service providers need to expand their core competencies and readdress their approach to client service and solutions-building," said Danielle Vales, Consultant, Vales Consulting Group, who conducted the field research for the study.

Andrew Kris, Chairman of the SBPOA's Advisory Board said, "Joe Vales is recognized throughout the outsourcing community as a thought leader and visionary. Few understand as well as Joe what it takes for service providers to win large, highly competitive outsourcing contracts. The Top 20 Trends identified by Joe and his team will stimulate providers and their clients to review their strategies and further the best practices that drive world-class marketing and business development programs in the BPO space."

About the SBPOA

The SBPOA -- -- is the leading, independent, global body for shared services and business process outsourcing (BPO), interacting with more than 250,000 service providers and practitioners worldwide each year. As a membership organization, the SBPOA provides online and offline networking, education, best practices and independent commentary on the evolution of shared services and BPO. World headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium. The SBPOA currently has local representation in the U.S. and Germany.

About Vales Consulting Group

Joseph Vales, Senior Partner, Vales Consulting Group, has 30 years of line management and consulting experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Citibank, and Booz, Allen & Hamilton. He is widely known for his thought leadership contributions to the outsourcing industry and is the universally acknowledged marketing guru of the BPO business. He also co-founded the Reference Standards Board with Eva Schmatz, the CEO of SUMMUS Research. The Reference Standards Board is an independent organization that works closely with outsourcing service providers to provide client references that help corporate buyers make informed decisions in the highly competitive RFP process.

Danielle Vales, a marketing consultant for the Vales Consulting Group, conducted the field research for the Top 20 Trends analysis. She is best known for coining the phrase, "Lowering the Profitability Point," during her executive internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers. The phrase is now widely used to describe how business process outsourcing drives operational and shareholder value.

Vales Consulting Group is a strategic advisory firm providing marketing and business development services to the top managements of Global 1000 companies, outsourcing service providers, and private equity firms for launching new products/services and building successful businesses. The firm is the most widely used proposal support consultant in the IT services industry with a proposal win rate that exceeds 70 percent. Gil Parker, a Director at Vales Consulting Group, leads the firm's sales proposal support consulting practice. Parker has directed, managed, and authored over 225 winning proposals. What differentiates the Vales Consulting Group is its in-depth knowledge of market conditions and business opportunities, its world-class sales proposal process expertise from lead generation to close, and its ability to work effectively with senior client executives to build market leadership.

Vales Consulting Group is based in Rye, New York, and can be reached by telephone at 1-914-967-3200 or by email at


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