The Key to Nationwide Prosperity -- New Book Details Reasons Everyone Benefits from Land Taxes

COLUMBIA, Md., March 15, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Heated debates persist over the best way to produce national income while taking care of the American people. Steven Cord has come up with a solution, and he presents his proposal in The Golden Key to Continuous Prosperity: How to Vote Yourself a Tax Break (Without Any Reduction in Government Revenue) now available through AuthorHouse.

Cord's enthusiasm and knowledge radiate throughout this easy-to-understand book. From the first page, he captures readers' attention with the simplicity of his plan: "Replace all taxes on income, wages and sales with a tax on the annual rent of land," he writes. The chapters that follow clearly explain how this could be implemented and provide empirical studies of the value in this plan. In addition, Cord identifies noted historical figures who have endorsed this tax along with hundreds of contemporary financial experts.

The Golden Key to Continuous Prosperity explains how a land rental tax can effectively replace others to generate revenue for this country while benefiting every American. According to Cord, expected results include an end to "involuntary poverty" and unemployment, better environmental protection because of less suburban sprawl and benefits for farmers. In addition, people would see increased productivity on land in use and lower costs on goods and services that are no longer taxable, he says.

The Golden Key to Continuous Prosperity offers an innovative approach to taxation that could improve the quality of life for Americans coast to coast.

Cord earned his doctorate from Columbia University Teachers College. He has been the editor of a research newsletter for 30 years and has won four awards for his research and writing. Cord also induced 20 localities to tax land assessments more than building assessments, which gave him the opportunity to do 18 empirical studies of this method. He also taught history and economics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania for more than 23 years. Other books by Cord are Henry George: Dreamer or Realist? (University of Pennsylvania Press) and Society at the Crossroads (Aurora Press). More information is available at


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