Findexa Limited -- New Search Service from Findexa

OSLO, Norway, Oct. 18, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- A completely new web search service named Yelo ( is today being launched by the Norwegian media house Findexa. "This represents a strategically important initiative which will help us to reinforce our strong position on the internet," says CEO in Findexa, Cornel Riklin.

Yelo also introduces a number of new business opportunities in the online market. During the product development phase for the new service, Findexa has given particular weight to creating one of the best solutions on the web for Norwegian searches. Yelo is characterised by high coverage of web sites in this country, sensible grouping of hits and valuable extra information from the services Gule Sider and Telefonkatalogen to which Yelo is closely linked. In addition the users will get adequate coverage on international searches.

Findexa considers the advertising market for search services to have an exciting potential. The company believes that a steadily growing share of online advertising spending will relate to search-services on the internet