Traffic Engineers and Contractors Can Count on R&R's MicroTally to Measure, Evaluate Intersection Traffic

Handheld With Intuitive Intersection Interface and Accompanying Software Reduce Time on Field Training, Data Management

PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 4, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- R&R Technologies, Inc. -- an engineering company whose clients have included Caltrans and various DOTs -- today announced that its subsidiary,, has released MicroTally, an aluminum turning-movement counter about the size of a calculator, and WinTally, accompanying software to customize, format, and present MicroTally's time-stamped data.

MicroTally is used to manually count the flow of cars, trucks, pedestrians, and bicycles -- generally as they pass through an intersection. The intuitive layout of MicroTally's buttons mirrors the 12 possible traffic routes through an intersection. MicroTally's additional "A" and "B" buttons act like "Shift" keys on a computer keyboard and give users up to 36 counting classifications and make it easy to assign values to raw data.

A push of the south directional button, for instance, could represent a car traveling south, while a push of "A" followed by the south button could represent a truck traveling south. Users formally assign names to each MicroTally button with the Windows-based WinTally software. WinTally can be downloaded from the Website and updated automatically from a user's computer.

WinTally guides users through several easy-to-use screens after they connect MicroTally to their computers with a cable. WinTally users can change the name of each MicroTally button with a screen of drop-down menus. Users can then view a table that displays the time of each MicroTally button push and its assigned name (e.g., truck traveling south, car -- eastbound right turn). WinTally also lets users see hourly sub-totals and a peak traffic hour and customize tables to only include button-specific data they've selected.

All WinTally tables can be printed as well as exported as CSV files. The CSV files can be saved and used in common database and spreadsheet applications to facilitate the sharing and presenting of traffic data.

"We believe MicroTally corrects many of the shortcomings of heavier, more cumbersome counters," said Ian Rochat, co-owner of "We wanted to give engineers a counter that's adaptable and user-friendly and then make it easy for them to turn around, manage their data, and present it to colleagues or clients."

About R&R Technologies, Inc.

R&R Technologies, Inc. is a Portland, Ore.-based engineering company that specializes in the design of electronic circuits and accompanying software. R&R works directly with manufacturers to improve the functionality of their products. R&R's components can be found in products such as automatic traffic counters, microscopes, and joysticks. R&R's clients have included Caltrans, various departments of transportation, and Cyber-Tech, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of R&R Technologies, Inc. and the manufacturer of the MicroTally traffic counter and its accompanying software, WinTally.


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