Elekta Receive Order for Complete IMPAC IT Solution Throughout Generidis Network of Private Radiation Oncology Centers

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Dec. 8, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- With the fight against cancer now an issue of major national importance in France, Generidis, a subsidiary of Generale de Sante, the first coordinated network of private radiation oncology centers in the country, have elected to install a complete IMPAC IT solution from Elekta throughout their sites.

IMPAC's Oncology Information System (OIS) will be introduced to 12 networked sites, allowing further streamlining of their organization and increasing patient data security.

IMPAC's comprehensive OIS was designed specifically to help radiotherapy centers manage the entire spectrum of cancer care with process automation tools that improve workflow efficiencies while simultaneously reduce the risks of medical errors. In addition, with a vendor-independent infrastructure, the IMPAC OIS allows for multiple hardware configurations and ensures interoperability of multi-vendor radiotherapy equipment -- including treatment planning systems, imaging devices, simulators, and linear accelerators.

"IMPAC software combined with Citrix technology meets our requirements for a multi-site use. As our partner physicians and some of our employees work in different centers of the same region, it is important that patient and treatment data are available from any center. Furthermore, in the future the IMPAC Electronic Medical Record communication capabilities will help radiation oncologists work even closer to medical oncologists and surgeons within the Generale de Sante cancer care network, by sharing patient information," said Jean Fave, Secretaire General Generidis.

He added, "It is vital to ensure that these centers have only the best in state-of-the-art equipment throughout their departments to provide the highest level of quality and care for the patient. IMPAC delivers this technology and at the same time allows us to continue our operations as a multi vendor site through their open systems radiation therapy solution."

"Generale De Sante has chosen IMPAC as it provides a central database solution allowing them to unify treatments processes, optimize resources and reduce administration costs throughout their 12 radiation therapy centers spread out across France." said Olof Sanden, Vice President, Region Manager for Europe. "The 12 centers will all be connected through a secure VPN line to the central database from which data, information and statistics can be extracted. It opens a new era in Information management of cancer care and allows staff mobility and information sharing.

Karla Torzsok, IMPAC Sales Manager France and Italy said, "This is, to our knowledge, the largest European networked radiation oncology IT solution which will be using a DICOM integrated image based solution, for patient folders which complies with the latest regulations and administrative billing in France."

About Elekta

Elekta is an international medical-technology Group, providing meaningful clinical solutions, comprehensive information systems and services for improved cancer care and management of brain disorders. All of Elekta's solutions employ non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques and are therefore clinically effective, gentle on the patient and cost-effective.

Clinical solutions include among others Leksell Gamma Knife(r) for non-invasive treatment of brain surgery and Elekta Synergy(r) for image guided radiation therapy (IGRT). Following the acquisition of IMPAC Medical Systems Inc. in April 2005, the Elekta Group is the world's largest supplier of oncology software.

Elekta's systems and solutions are used at over 3,000 hospitals around the world to treat cancer and manage clinical operations as well as to diagnose and treat brain disorders, including tumors, vascular malformations and functional disorders.

With approx. 1,700 employees, Elekta's corporate headquarter is located in Stockholm, Sweden and the company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange under the ticker EKTAb. For more information about Elekta, please visit www.elekta.com.

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