New Otani Los Angeles Chooses ACE DuraFlo Process to Restore the 434-Room Hotel's Water System

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Today ACE DuraFlo Pipe Restoration, Inc. announces the complete restoration of the water system at the New Otani Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The New Otani Hotel offers 434 rooms and was experiencing pinhole leaks in its copper water system.

John McIver the senior manager of the facilities engineering department for the New Otani Hotel contacted ACE DuraFlo Pipe Restoration, Inc. knowing the results from his previous business endeavors with the company when he was senior manager of facilities maintenance at the Millennium Biltmore.

"ACE DuraFlo coordinated with construction and hotel management to restore the affected water system by using an epoxy lining," McIver says. "They resolved many of the same issues at Millennium Biltmore and I was confident they could complete the job with minimal business interruptions, and no damage to our floors, ceilings and walls."

ACE DuraFlo restores residential and commercial plumbing experiencing pinhole leaks by providing a preventative ePipe(tm) liner within existing pipes.

"This process minimized the amount of room unavailable and allowed the New Otani to accommodate all their guests even through their busiest season, thus continuing their revenue stream," ACE DuraFlo Pipe Restoration Inc. President and CEO Steven Wann says. "This is a permanent solution with minimal invasiveness in all aspects of an establishment's operations."

About ACE DuraFlo Pipe Restoration Inc.

ACE DuraFlo Pipe Restoration Inc. began restoring commercial pipes in Southern California in April of 2001. The company began residential pipe restoration in November of 2001. Its patent pending, inner epoxy lining called ePipe(tm) serves as a pipe within a pipe and has been successfully used on thousands of homes, condominiums, hospitals, schools, hotels and commercial buildings to control pipe corrosion. It is a permanent solution for pinhole leaks and corrosion in copper water piping and can prevent future leaks and property damage. For more information call (800) 359-6369 or visit:


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