Schools Fix Leaking Pipes, Improve Drinking Water with ACE DuraFlo, ePIPE Process

PLACENTIA, Calif., Sept. 20, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Back-to-school for some of the nation's student's meant cleaner drinking water and an end to leaky pipes for their school maintenance personnel.

Recently in Los Angeles County, California and in Sarasota County, Florida, ACE DuraFlo's(c), ePIPE(tm) epoxy lined piping system, was chosen to restore corroded and leaking copper and galvanized pipes carrying potable water.

"The safe, in-place pipe restoration process ACE DuraFlo offers is ideal for schools and businesses. Not only are plumbing systems restored in-place, without disrupting usual learning activities, ePIPE improves the drinking water environment by stopping the leaching of heavy metals such as lead and copper," says Larry Gillanders, ACE DuraFlo CEO and Chief Technology Officer.

ACE DuraFlo has restored piping systems, in-place, with ePIPE at the main Seattle campus of the University of Washington, the Admiral Farragut Naval Academy in St. Petersburg, Florida, at Stanford University in California, the University of Oregon and at grade and high schools in California and Alaska.

According to company officials, the ACE DuraFlo ePIPE process cleans the inside of an existing water piping system and seals the pipes with a healthy, non-toxic NSF/ANSI 61 Certified epoxy barrier coating making the pipes leak-proof and corrosion free.

ACE DuraFlo's unique, patent pending "in-place" pipe restoration technology, restores failing copper and encrusted galvanized piping systems, generally without the extensive demolition that accompanies a traditional plumbing repipe. The process involves the application of an epoxy barrier coating to the inside of a pipe, resulting in a restored epoxy lined plumbing system called ePIPE(tm). ACE DuraFlo's ePIPE offers a complete solution for pinhole leaks, corrosion control and as an added benefit stops the leaching of metals from pipes such as copper and lead from entering the water supply.

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