New Book and Non-Partisan Movement Challenges American Voters to Examine and Re-Deploy Government Direction

ResoNation and DayLight Movement Set to Drag a Troubled Government Into the Bright Light of Day

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 25, 2006 -- 70% of Congress does not understand the needs and problems of everyday Americans while 69% believe that members of Congress consider themselves above the law according to a The New York Times / "CBS News" poll published on October 10th.

Perched atop the new book "ResoNation: Enlightened Government For We The People" (Morgan James Publishing; October 2006; ISBN: 1-60037-135-3; $29.95) by Gregory Olinyk is the legendary quote from President John F. Kennedy, "Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer." There has arguably never been a better time to discuss a transformation of our current government from one that is bound to big money and special interests to one beholden and responsive to all citizens.

The DayLight Movement is a comprehensive tri-part multimedia platform made up of "ResoNation," which offers a basis for conversation and solutions to perplexing issues, such as terrorism, energy, education and the economy. Phase two is The DayLight Forum (, a Web-based "town hall" consisting of state, regional and national polls open 24 hours a day for non-partisan debates between all races, religions and creeds, the results of which will be posted on a national "heat map" that our elected leaders will be unable to ignore or do so at their electoral peril. This heat map is also a precursor to a secure Internet voting system. A proposed Internet radio show that openly discusses these topics is planned for phase three. While The DayLight Movement may be misperceived as a forum for attack on unpopular politicians, that is NOT its mission. Nor does it or the book propose eliminating our current political parties. It simply advocates a logical evolution and enlightenment by identifying solutions.

When the United States was first founded, a largely illiterate American citizenry chose the best educated person in their town to represent them at their state or territory capitol and then picked the cream of that crop to represent their best interests in our nation's capitol. Much has changed in the last 230 years. Derived from the words 'resonance' (the reinforcement and prolongation of a sound by reflection or by vibration of other adjacent bodies) and 'nation' (a large aggregate of people united by a common descent, history, culture or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory), "ResoNation" aligns these terms -- signifying a nation of people united and ready to be heard via a highly amplified collective national voice.

While Olinyk, a Connecticut-based venture capitalist, makes a case for direct-vote democracy, such a dramatic change is not essential to the declared mission of cleaning up government. "ResoNation" offers solutions for dragging our governmental processes out of "smoke-filled back rooms" and into the bright light of day where We-the-People can take our country back from the military-industrial complex, restoring our standing in the international community and markedly improving our economic lot via The DayLight Movement.

"'ResoNation' and The DayLight Movement are timely," offers Gregory Olinyk. "People are thirsting for something other than more governmental rhetoric. The DayLight Forum and 'ResoNation' offer a realistic starting point and a means to change the crippling bureaucracy and governmental corruption that plagues our nation. For example, we understand that governmental lobbying is embedded in our national fabric but it does not have to be conducted behind closed doors. The American people deserve 'a seat at the table.' Under the DayLight concept, as described in 'ResoNation,' lobbyists will be forced to lobby us, not our Congress, in the bright light of day."

Gregory Olinyk conceived of the idea for "ResoNation," a non-profit 501(C)3, shortly after September 11, 2001. However, he had been questioning government bureaucracy and ways to alleviate the problems of the Middle East for years. His first attempt at sharing these thoughts and soliciting the views of a diverse cross-section was The recent anniversaries of September 11th and Hurricane Katrina remind us that the United States is still in disarray -- politically, economically, militarily and morally. Calls for impeachment of both the President and the Vice President, Congress spending three times more money than the government takes in each year while Congressional representatives are hauled off to jail and our two major political parties are in complete turmoil with the lowest public trust factor in our nation's history, led to the author penning "ResoNation."

About "ResoNation" and The DayLight Movement

"ResoNation" is the first stage of the DayLight Movement's comprehensive tri-part platform. Phase two is the DayLight Forum (, an online national town hall offering a sophisticated polling tool in the form of a national "heat map," which is also a precursor to a secure Internet voting system. This heat map represents a place where everyone's voice can be heard in a manner that our elected officials will be unable to ignore -- and if they do, it will be at their peril. Phase Three is an Internet radio talk show that speaks to an audience, which falls into the great divide between the Sean Hannitys and Rush Limbaughs on one side and the Randi Rhodes and Al Frankens on the other.

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