Control Module Introduces First RFID Offering in Workforce Management Category

 -- To Be Used For Time & Attendance, Access Control, Machine Control,  
    Process Control and Loss Prevention – Providing Comprehensive 
    Offering For A Variety of Asset Management Needs
 -- RFID Tags Embedded in Employee ID Cards, Machinery and Inventory To
    Track Valuable Assets / Ensure Profitability
 -- Assets Tracked Automatically, Without Physical Interaction From User

ENFIELD, Conn., Jan. 8, 2006 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Control Module (, the leading biometric workforce management and data collection technology provider, announced today the availability of RFID technology for use in a variety of industry applications, including time & attendance, access control, machine control, process control and loss prevention. Once again, Control Module is first to market with an advanced solution for the workforce management category, providing customers the ability to more effectively meet all of their asset management needs.

Companies will use RFID tags that interact with Control Module Genus(r) and TouchTime(r) data collection terminals to assess inventory location, employee productivity and equipment output. CMI's RFID offering utilizes unique technology, designed to read tags at long ranges, while extending battery life. The technology excels at indicating both the location and direction of moving assets, without any user interaction required. These systems are based on battery-powered "active" RFID technology, where wireless tags use on-board battery power to transmit signals from a few feet to hundreds of feet, in order to automatically identify, track, monitor, and protect people and assets. This unique patented RFID technology is the most economical and flexible solution on the market today.

CMI's RFID solution embeds RFID tags in a variety of assets to more effectively conduct:

 -- Time & Attendance: RFID-enabled employee ID cards automatically
    track employee start and stop times, enabling companies to 
    streamline payroll, monitor absenteeism and maximize resource
 -- Access Control: RFID-enabled employee ID cards keep unauthorized
    individuals out of office facilities, as well as away from high 
    value inventory, and equipment that requires significant training
 -- Machine Control: Improve employee safety and protect equipment by
    operating machines only when an authorized operator is present, and
    within the machine's safe working envelope
 -- Process Control: Provide objective and quantitative insight into
    production and business processes, attaching RFID tags to inventory,
    work-in-process, routing sheets. Companies can track product cycles
    through the entire supply chain, enabling them to increase
    profitability and eliminate waste
 -- Loss Prevention: RFID tags can be used to track the location of
    inventory in a warehouse or anywhere in the supply chain, find lost
    or stolen portable devices (e.g. laptops, handheld scanners, PDAs) 
    or ensure that devices passing through access points are being 
    carried by their rightful owners

"Companies around the world are embracing RFID technology as the most seamless and effective technology for assessing and improving the location, status and output of their valuable assets," said Jana Moak, President & CEO, Control Module. "By leveraging the combined power of RFID and CMI's Genus data collection terminals, companies will have a complete, cost-effective solution for streamlining processes and ensuring their assets are performing to maximum productivity and profitability."

Control Module's RFID solution integrates directly with its Java programmable Genus line of data collection devices and the TouchTime kiosk. Tag data is transmitted directly to the terminal for processing and/or transported to a database or enterprise-level application.

Genus terminals serve as Internet appliances and can communicate anywhere on the Internet, via a Web services model. Genus terminals seamlessly integrate into a variety of back-end databases, including HRMS, ERP, accounting and payroll. CMI's Genus terminals have created -- for the first time -- the ability for companies to realize the maximum potential of their data collection hardware, by offering a powerful interface to connect highly customized applications and the databases that fuel them. Further, they very often eliminate the need for middleware by utilizing a Web services model that is ideal for SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

About Control Module

Control Module ( is the leading biometric workforce management and data collection technology provider, offering leading edge solutions for enabling the secure automation of time and attendance and access control. With over 30 years of experience, an installed base of over 200,000 data collection devices world-wide, continuous financial growth and a strong history of innovation, Control Module delivers workforce management technology to companies around the world, including 160 of the Fortune 500, as well as small-to-medium sized enterprises across a variety of industries.


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