ACE DuraFlo Systems and LMK Combine Pipe and Drain Technologies

PLACENTIA, Calif. and OTTAWA, Jan. 16, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- ACE DuraFlo(r) Systems LLC of Placentia, CA (ACE) and LMK(r) Enterprises, Inc. (LMK) of Ottawa, Il, together announce today the signing of a Master License agreement. LMK Enterprises has granted ACE DuraFlo Systems a license for LMK's proprietary and patented technologies for in-place rehabilitation of non-pressurized piping systems, including drain lines, lateral and drain leaders.

"We recognize LMK as an industry leader in the area of in-place drain line rehabilitation. Under the guidance of their CEO and President, Larry Keist Jr., they have developed a common sense technique for the installation of drain liners and have developed a strong foundation of issued and patents pending. In addition, LMK's strong client base and continued commitment to ongoing research and development made LMK the right choice for ACE DuraFlo Systems," says Larry Gillanders, CEO, Chief Technology Officer, ACE DuraFlo Systems.

Larry Keist Jr., CEO, President of LMK says, "ACE DuraFlo Systems impressed us with their consumer focused marketing program and the development of a network of installers for their ACE DuraFlo system, of in-place rehabilitation of small diameter pressurized pipes. ACE saw the need for a technology provider to provide them, their customers and their network, the technology and support to restore drain pipes in and around buildings. We see this as an excellent fit with ACE's position in the market place."

Larry Gillanders added: "Building owners can now find the benefits of in-place pipe restoration for both their pressurized pipes like potable waterlines and now drain line rehabilitation from a single source provider. These combined technologies will greatly benefit customers who are seeking rehabilitation for either their building's potable water lines or drain lines."

ACE recently announced its expansion into Europe with ACE DuraFlo Espana. Last May, Mr. Rooter and ACE jointly announced that they had entered into an agreement allowing select Mr. Rooter franchisees to add ACE's ePIPE(r) technology to their menu of services. Service providers are located across the US, in Canada and Europe. Franchise opportunities are available. For more information contact ACE DuraFlo Systems at (888) 775-0220 or at


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