DareJunkies.com Launches With $10,000 Giveaway for Winner of Most Outrageous Video Challenge

Viral Video Networking Community Dares America to Film the Most Outrageous, Absurd and Hilarious Video

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 30, 2007 -- DareJunkies.com, a brand new video challenge social networking site, launched today by calling on members to submit one to two-minute videos of their most outrageous, absurd and hilarious deeds. With humor and imagination comes financial gain as one winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize by accepting one of the various challenges on the List. The challenge will begin on February 15, and run through February 28. While submissions are restricted to US residents, anyone in the world can vote for the winner from March 1 to 15; the winner will be announced on March 25.

DareJunkies.com, a user-generated video site, encourages users to select from a list of challenges written by comedy writers. These "scripts" provide the impetus for users' creative submissions. DareJunkies.com has taken social networking and video sharing to a new level where artistic and competitive individuals are stimulated by the interconnectivity of its community. Users can also post their own creative challenges for pending approval from the DareJunkies team and then send their challenges to friends and other members of the community. At the end of every month, the top ten videos split a cash prize that will begin at $5,000 and the money will continue to increase monthly. DareJunkies.com sets itself apart from the crowd because it gives aspiring content makers, filmmakers, actors and anyone with a camera and a dream, the opportunity to shoot a video with a purpose, showcase their work and win cash.

"DareJunkies.com gives actors, would-be actors and content makers a purpose, motivation, and a way to deal with conflict -- all necessary elements of great entertainment. The challenges essentially provide a blueprint," said Ben Bacal, CEO and co-founder of DareJunkies.com. "We provide users a set of great, safe and entertaining scripts that we call challenges. Money only further motivates people to submit content. There's a lot of raw talent out there that is not exposed to the people making the decisions to purchase or air their materials," he added.

Similar to other social networking sites, DareJunkies.com users can input personal information and add friends. Additionally, fame is attainable for those who consistently produce quality work as they will be featured in the site's winners circle for every month that they are voted in the top ten videos. The site is slated to launch on January 30 and is free to sign up.

About DareJunkies.com

DareJunkies.com is an exciting, innovative social network that incorporates online video; users create and upload video dares and challenges for cash prizes. DareJunkies.com is a free membership-based community website whose primary goal is to foster an online community of creative and innovative artists with the distribution of user-generated challenge videos.

DareJunkies.com offers an unprecedented platform for users to express their inner most desires, fears and boundaries by shooting and posting videos of themselves and their friends. Users can create, complete and send various dares (challenges) to other users. Creating video challenges offers users the experience of excitement and purpose associated with accomplishing unusual feats. Each month, users vote and the top 10 most popular challenge videos win cash prizes which will start at $5,000 and increase monthly. Along with hilarious challenges, users can also share general videos. In addition to videos, DareJunkies.com provides comprehensive social networking functionality so that users can meet other like-minded renegades to challenge face off and collaborate.

DareJunkies.com is the brainchild of Ben Bacal and Daron Niemerow, reality television veterans who believe that content creators will step up to the challenge and produce a new wave of "webreality" programming when given directional cues. Unlike other online video sites, DareJunkies.com integrates a comprehensive "challenge manager," a competitive platform in its "Challenge detail page" and a "DareJunkies Bank Balance" on every users profile that incites users to out-do each other in a wide range of creative challenges spanning over 25 categories from "food" to "embarrassing."

For more information, please visit www.DareJunkies.com.

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