B2Digital Announces Unveiling of New Corporate Website: Highlights Recent Milestones and Refined Corporate Focus

PHOENIX, March 6, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- B2 Digital, Inc. (OTCBB:BTOD), an innovator in the digital content delivery business, announced today the unveiling of its revamped corporate website at www.b2digital.net.

"We are pleased to announce the posting of our redesigned corporate website," stated Robert Russell, Chairman and CEO of B2Digital. "The website offers our customers, vendors and shareholders a refined and updated insight into our current corporate business model including recent developments of our wholly owned subsidiary, Hotel Movie Networks, the current expansion of our Internet Services market, exciting technological innovations and advancements and our focus on the burgeoning Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) market."

"B2Digital's business opportunities have expanded rapidly in the recent preceding months with the successful testing of our new Digital Cable Transmission System, the implementation of proprietary Digital Video Ad Insertion Technology and our successful expansion into the wireless high speed Internet Services market," stated Mr. Russell.

The company recently released a string of exciting announcements including the promising test results of the Challenger DTTS-7000 Digital Cable Transmission System, which utilizes proprietary Digital Compression Technology to provide expanded cable services, the release of several favorable investment analyst reports, the utilization of a new revenue stream through innovative Ad Insertion Technology and the strategic alliance with Alpha Broadcasting Communications to deploy high quality high speed wireless internet throughout the Southwestern United States.

Mr. Russell added, "IPTV, the delivery of digital information utilizing the Internet Protocol over a computer network rather than traditional formats and cabling, is the future of residential and commercial digital delivery content in this country and worldwide. Each successful testing, technological advancement, partnership and acquisition has been a strategic step towards our cumulative goal of total integration of digital information services into the IPTV format. The combination and integration of these services has allowed us to add to our overall revenue stream, increase our top-line growth and expand our market focus. With our current technological advancements, partnerships and rate of corporate expansion, we are poised to become one of the nation's largest IPTV service providers in the very near future."

About B2Digital

B2Digital is a leading innovator in the delivery of digital content. B2Digital is actively designing new technologies to be integrated into existing content delivery platforms for small to medium-sized cable television companies, allowing cable companies to deliver more and higher quality services through existing hardware platforms. B2Digital, through its wholly owned subsidiary Hotel Movie Network, also owns a minority interest in http://www.B2now.com, a provider of community oriented content through Internet Protocol Television.

About Hotel Movie Network

Hotel Movie Network ("HMN") is a provider of in-room, on-demand video entertainment, and satellite services to the domestic lodging industry, including the delivery of Hollywood movies, sports, and live events, as well as various types of pay-per-view content. HMN primarily provides its services under long-term contracts to hotels, hotel management companies and individually owned and franchised hotel properties.

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