MOBIVOX Enables Skype and Free International Phone Calls From ANY Cell Phone

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 10, 2007 -- MOBIVOX today announced the Beta launch of its groundbreaking hosted service, making it the first ever communication provider to bring Skype to ANY mobile device. The service also offers free international fixed and mobile calls between MOBIVOX users. Best of all, MOBIVOX works with every mobile phone and requires NO download on the mobile or on the PC. MOBIVOX is underpinned by a global infrastructure and extensive proprietary technology. The service is now available in 23 countries including the US and the UK at

MOBIVOX brings mobile consumers a unique and powerful suite of communications services, allowing users to do much more with their existing mobile phone and enjoy:

--   Free global mobile calls between MOBIVOX users
--   Unlimited and FREE Skype calls
--   Cheap international calls to anyone, anywhere on any mobile
     or fixed phone
--   Cool and free mobile services including:
       -  Dynamic and instant conferencing
       -  Mobile-to-home seamless call transfer
       -  Personal voice-enabled assistant
       -  Unified hosted contact book
       -  Group calling
       -  Web calling

Best of all, MOBIVOX works for everyone and does not require any mobile download or cause installation headaches. It also completely bypasses the need for a PC. It simply works with any phone in usage today regardless of handset model, mobile carrier or whether users have a mobile data plan or not. The basic service is entirely free and international calling rates outside of the MOBIVOX user community are highly competitive. With rates bearing no hidden charges, MOBIVOX eliminates connection fees, confusing contracts and conditions.

"MOBIVOX is effectively bridging the divide between the Internet and mobile communications services. Best of all we do this without asking users to download anything on their phone. After a simple online registration process, you can begin using the service immediately. While we offer free to cheap international mobile calls to our users, our ultimate goal is to become your personalized agent, helping mobile consumers worldwide with their overall communication needs," said Stéphane Marceau, CEO of MOBIVOX.

As of today, the MOBIVOX service can be accessed at

MOBIVOX brings new, cool and useful voice related applications to the cell phone. As a mobile ASP (Application Service Provider), it bridges the gap between mobile phones, VoIP and Voice over Instant Messaging (VoIM) and effectively connects the mobile, PC, or home phone to any network. MOBIVOX brings the best of VoIP to mobile handset users around the world, allowing everyone to enjoy real savings through leveraging efficiencies possible with VoIP technology. Since a mobile experience is more than just a function of a handset, MOBIVOX hosted services will also transform, upgrade and re-invent the experience regardless of handset model. MOBIVOX hosted mobile applications are designed to address important limitations of consumer mobile services thereby enhancing people's mobile lifestyle. For more information, visit

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