Total voting rights and shares in issue


Total voting rights and shares in issue

The Company's issued ordinary share capital as at 6 August 2007 comprised
5,505,925,890 ordinary shares of 10p each.  African life subsidiaries of the
Company held a total of 291,345,136 ordinary shares in the Company in their
policyholders' funds.  These shares cannot be voted while they are held by
subsidiaries of Old Mutual plc because of applicable provisions of UK company
law.  Therefore the total number of voting rights in the Company's ordinary
share capital on 6 August was 5,214,580,754.

The Company is making a block listing return to the UK Listing Authority
covering the period from 8 December 2006 to 6 August 2007.  Changes to the
number of shares in issue since 7 December 2006 were made up as follows:

Number of shares in issue at 7 December 2006: 5,490,541,290

Shares issued during the period on exercise of executive share options:

Shares issued during the period on exercise of sharesave options: 326,560

Shares issued in respect of the Company's Namibian Black Economic Empowerment
ownership transactions: 10,334,718

Shares in issue at 6 August 2007: 5,505,925,890

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