New Business Book Titled "Career Wisdom" Offers Tactical Roadmap for Maximizing Workplace Success

Business Success Guru Details More Than a Hundred Proven, Practical Strategies to Ensure Career Achievement; Book to Fast-Track Careers World-Wide With Pre-Sales Realized in More Than 43 Countries Across the Globe

THOUSAND OAKS, CA--(Marketwire - September 17, 2007) - John M. McKee, among the world's foremost certified business coaches and president and founder of, today announced the release of his newest business title, "Career Wisdom" (paperback, ISBN: 9781587368288, $12.95 U.S.). Considered a must read for junior to mid-level professionals who seek upward career mobility, "Career Wisdom" provides aspiring businesspeople with more than 101 tactical, real-world strategies and guidelines for achieving their career and personal goals.

"Career Wisdom" is an advice-oriented "how to" manual for motivated professionals seeking to get ahead in business. Written in a concise, easy-to-read style and tone, the practical insights, advice and strategies imparted in this book can be digested quickly for immediate application on the job -- and can be kept on hand as a quick reference tool. In "Career Wisdom," aspiring professionals will learn how to navigate daunting situations and gain knowledge in a variety of workplace topic areas, including:

--  The "Yes Factor": How to Negotiate to Get What You Want Out of Life
--  How to Ask Your Employer for a Raise
--  How to Work for a Jerk and Succeed Anyway
--  The Upside of Office Politics
--  Fatal Flaws of a Doomed Employee
--  Good vs. Evil: Finding a Management Style Middle Ground
--  Office Party Schmoozing: How to Network Without Brownnosing

Randall F. Otto, CEO of Automotive Specialty Group, raves, "In this book, success guru John McKee uses a fresh and direct approach to tell us what we need to know about business today." Laurie Hayes, founder and president of The HBB Source, concurs, having noted, "'Career Wisdom' delivers the insight to not only create a purpose-filled and rewarding career, but mastery in all areas of your life in the process."

This is the newest career achievement publication penned by McKee, who also authored "21 Ways Women in Management Shoot Themselves in the Foot" (paperback, ISBN: 1587366185, $15.95 U.S.) early last year. Throughout his executive management career McKee has hired, promoted, fired and laid off literally thousands of employees, which has given him unique insight about what aspiring professionals should heed to climb the ladder of success. His new book, "Career Wisdom," is a result of hours of discussion among, and key learning from, his exclusive leadership coaching program.

"This book allows me to easily share what I've observed, learned and practiced for getting ahead throughout my thirty successful years on the front line frequenting corporate boardrooms and executive suites," said McKee. "Readers benefit from my unique perspective on how to best deal with the rampant challenges and fleeting opportunities executives and lower-level business professionals experience on a daily basis."

Before founding, an online destination offering solutions for those who aspire to maximize their success in the business world, McKee was among the founding senior executives of The DIRECTV Group, Inc. (NYSE: DTV), and, prior to that, was a senior executive who worked in boardrooms throughout various industries across North America.

"Career Wisdom: 101 Proven Strategies to Ensure Workplace Success" is available for purchase through local booksellers and online at, and It can also be purchased through the publisher's Web site at

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