Technology Credit Union Launches Mobile Banking Service

Members Can Now Safely, Securely Access Their Accounts Anywhere, Anytime

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - September 21, 2007) - Technology Credit Union (Tech CU) announced today the launch of its Mobile Banking service, giving members unprecedented access to their accounts and other important banking information anywhere, anytime via their web-enabled mobile phone or wireless device. With the new service, members can use many of the same features that are available through Tech CU Online Banking, including accessing account summaries, making internal transfers, viewing and paying bills and communicating via email with the credit union. Tech CU Mobile Banking uses the industry's most stringent authentication, data encryption and transfer protocol, so members can be rest assured that while they are using the mobile service, their account information is protected and secure.

"We're committed to using technology to make our members' banking experience as easy and convenient as possible, but security is always our number one priority," said Victor Smilgys, Assistant VP of eCommerce at Tech CU. "For the Mobile Banking platform, we've implemented three different layers of protection, using the highest level of wireless security available to ensure our members' identities and account information are safe."

Tech CU Mobile Banking uses Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) protocol, which provides strict authentication, data integrity and privacy protection mechanisms that protect data communication from attack during transmission. In addition, all data is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and members log on to Mobile Banking using the same Two-Factor, Two-Way Authentication process that is required for Online Banking. If members access Mobile Banking on a device that is not registered with the service, they will be presented with their Online Banking challenge question. Members can also verify they are logging on to Tech CU legitimately by a unique Online Banking security image and welcome phrase that they choose when they register for Online Banking that is then presented by the system each time they log in.

To access Mobile Banking, members simply enter the Tech CU Mobile URL,, into the browser of their Internet-enabled wireless device. Once logged on to their account through the Two-Factor, Two-Way Authentication process, they can begin using all of the features of Mobile Banking. Here's how Tech CU's Mobile Banking compares with mobile offerings from other financial institutions:

                                 Tech CU                   Bank of
Feature                           Mobile    Wells Fargo    America
-------                        ------------ ------------ ------------
Location Finder                      X                         X
MFA* Supported                       X            X            X
View Current Rates                   X
View Accounts                        X            X            X
Transaction History                  X            X            X
Immediate Transfers                  X            X            X
Future Transfers                     X
Recurring Transfers                  X
Pay Bills                            X                         X
View Due Bills                       X                         X
View Pending Payments                X                         X
Cancel Payments                      X
View Payment Activity                X            X            X

* Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Tech CU and Bank of America -- RSA
 (PassMark); Wells Fargo (Automated call back during enrollment)

Tech CU partnered with MShift to create this Mobile Banking solution.

"We are quite pleased to be working with Tech CU, an industry leader serving Silicon Valley customers, who are among the most technically savvy customers in the industry," said Awele Ndili, Chief Executive Officer of MShift.

"In this region, it is especially common for customers to own a wide variety of mobile devices from various carriers, including the latest and greatest mobile phones. Through this partnership, all Tech CU members now have anytime anywhere access to the widest array of financial and informational data from the mobile device of their choice," added Ndili.

Based in Silicon Valley, Tech CU has long been recognized as an industry leader when it comes to banking technology. The credit union was one of the first in financial services to implement safer, stricter security requirements for online identification and data encryption and they have been one of the leaders in the burgeoning field of biometrics and e-banking. For more information on Tech CU's latest innovation, Mobile Banking, go to

About Technology Credit Union

Technology Credit Union is a full-service, member-owned financial institution serving technology and business professionals in California and their families, as well as individuals who work, live, go to school or regularly worship in Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Cruz, San Mateo and San Francisco counties. Tech CU began in 1960 and is now among the top 1 percent of the nation's largest credit unions. With more than 78,000 members, $1.3 billion in assets and 10 full-service branches around the Bay Area, Tech CU is a leader in the credit union industry.

About MShift

MShift®, Inc. is the leading provider of Mobile Banking solutions, enabling more than 50 banks and credit unions to rapidly extend the convenience of Online Banking to mobile devices. The MShift® Mobile Banking Solutions offer the widest array of features, including Bill Payment, Transfers, Account Summaries, History, ATM locators, and much more. Mobile Banking is available regardless of carrier or device type, including cell phones, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm® and Pocket-PC PDAs, pagers, WAP, SMS, and voice devices.

MShift ( is headquartered in San Jose, California and can be reached via (408)437-2740.

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